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爱上海-爱上海同城-爱上海同城对对碰 Posts

After all, although the current emperor Chengyuan is not as cruel as in the later stage, these cruel thoughts are also rooted in his heart, otherwise they will not be triggered in the later stage.

In two groups of four, the fire burst and the sound roared. \”Huh?\” Heita\’s eyebrows turned. He thought it was just a matter of hand…

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Shen Zong was so proud that he immediately put all his thoughts on Shen Ling, so this was supposed to be Shen Zong\’s Qian family. Shen Ling\’s lonely family dinner turned into a family dinner boasting about caring for Shen Ling.

\”Let\’s go! At least let Fang Yang not be possessed!\” said Li mubai. They struggled between the Dharma array and approached Fang Yang. Fang Yang\’s…

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