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Mo sang sat in a small teahouse on the only way down the mountain for tianshangzong disciples. She took a cup of tea with only a little aura and smelled it at the tip of her nose, which made the people nearby despise it. San Xiuzhen has never seen the world. She is not willing to drink a cup of spirit tea with a piece of inferior spirit stone. I wonder if the sooner she drinks it, the better? How do they know that Mossan doesn\’t see the tea? The tea produced by angry camellia is almost 100 Jin! The tea has a high concentration of aura, with an endless stream of vitality and silk meaning! Who is used to eating LingMi and can eat mortal grains? That\’s the reason

Some people are worried, some gloat, others knock melon seeds to see the play, and the Qin house is happy. Zijin, it\’s great that you\’re…

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Taoist friend, what kind of treasure do you bring? Let me estimate the price? A friar with white hair and beard stood at the door of the trading room. He said to the inside and pushed the door in

Mingming just went up ten meters, but baizijin felt funny. She was closer to the moon. She sat on the eaves and looked in a…

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Runde opened his mouth. How could he know that there are so many friars in the world now? He knew that Mo Sang was afraid that he was disappointed in an Guo, so he had to turn around and go

You know, she is in charge of the central feeder in the house. If the stove is burned, it means spending money to rebuild it.…

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Xiong Daxian, are you sure you can win Wuziqi this time? Elder a asked. He didn\’t want to make such a big noise and end up in failure again. At that time, there would be no place for them to turn over

The picture is the scene of her kneeling, and there is a detailed video. She hurriedly pulled down and looked directly at the comments. There…

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Tu Xiangyu took off with the peak owners. Just glancing aside, he could see the light purple, and he couldn\’t help missing. She is still so casual. She still likes to wear purple clothes and stand there faintly. Who can think that she is actually very stubborn? He received the master\’s warning, stepped on the high platform and sat in the position of the right peak master

What do you mean, you don\’t understand? Return the goddess. I really don\’t know how she can accept this title. She dares to call her…

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No, books are very expensive. You can\’t buy many books with a Chinese spirit stone. You might as well buy some pills to improve your cultivation. Duan Xiaomei endured her heart\’s desire and advised

Of course, when Lin Luo is encroaching on the Li family\’s power, he will inevitably let the export soup be divided by other forces. In…

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