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After talking about this, clan leader Yang carefully asked Mo sang: according to the shopkeeper, does Duan Xiaodao know that our ancestor is about to sit down? In addition to apologizing, I have an unkind request. I don\’t know if it\’s convenient to say. After listening to Yang Ping\’s description, he knew that the person who said this was mo sang

Seeing everyone calm down, Jane Xicai smiled and said: Thank you, thank you for your love for Jane Xicai. There will always be a curtain…

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Meijidan? Zhou Zixuan thought silently. She had been paying attention to Ding min\’s movements. She had heard of this pill, but there were several kinds of miraculous drugs needed. She also tried to replace it with others. Instead, it was refined, and the effect was only two or three times better than what was sold on the market. She doesn\’t refine much, she just uses it herself. Is the pill in the hands of the female practitioner of Shunyun sect really an authentic beauty pill, or is it refined as a substitute for the elixir like herself

Baizijin subconsciously wants to refuse. She doesn\’t want Feng Jingming to face Junwei. It\’s too dangerous. But on second thought, who can they trust except…

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Ann, prepare good wine and food! Ruicanghang resumed his cool voice and said hoarsely. His stomach was suddenly hungry like thunder. After drinking and eating, ruicanghang picked up several jade slips buried by the Dragon needle in the baggage left by Mo sang, subconsciously pasted them on his forehead and brought them into the sea one by one. Ruicanghang\’s eyes are obscure. It turns out that the world is like this! Is she one of them? The jade slips introduce the common sense of the immortal cultivation world, as well as some basic skills, alchemy, talisman and array arrangement, which are really eye opening. And now he has created an almost extinct dragon root! As soon as ruicanghang turned his hand, a lifelike Golden Dragon appeared in the palm of his hand! This is the root of ancient gods and beasts made from the Qi of ancient gods and beasts. You can summon the corresponding ancient gods and beasts! He was promoted as fast and tough as a spirit beast

In fact, it was Jun xuange who made money by exchanging antidote for ice cream. After all, no matter how much ice cream is treasured,…

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What are you doing? Duan Xinzhi looked at her wearing coarse cloth. Although the coarse cloth was clean and tidy, it was a beggar where there were monks in the square city! Coarse cloth is a mortal dress

This matter was inevitably spread, and the stock almost fell into a straight line. The shareholders who had been waiting for the Lin family to…

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Duan Qiong suddenly understood in her heart. She felt the boy\’s tight body, and she was more sure. Can you say that her rebirth suddenly changed? It dares to make up her mind to rely on the Friar and let the friar face the emperor. Does it take the opportunity to escape? I don\’t know who depends on who

Even if Liao Shaobin sees this message, what can he do even if he comes to Kyoto? Although Xin Shuhui has always believed that Liao…

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Although I looked at these in my eyes, I still tried not to stick my eyes on it. I looked worried, sister, will you also attend the party tomorrow?

But Li Siyu didn\’t understand. Factory director Tang didn\’t speak in the house. Li Siyu motioned to Lincheng, and then the two withdrew two meters…

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