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Human Sha, Earth Sha, and Tian Sha are the assessments of the strength of the strongest in the first level and below the realm of the Holy Lord in the four race alliances. Of course, only if the bone age is less than 500 can be ranked, if it is more than five Hundred, no matter how strong it is, it cannot be included.Destroy more than twenty powerful saint masters… how is this possible…His strength level is also at the holy master level? Ling Xuanhao and others said solemnly.If it were at the Holy Master level, killing so many opponents in the same realm would be surprising, but it would not be too much.After all, no matter which realm level, there will be high and low, and there are even some characters with strong combat power, who can display the ability to surpass this realm, and it is not difficult to kill the strong in the same realm.Do not……Lingxuanjian shook his head, \”He is only at the semi-sage master level. If he enters the holy master level, he will lose this title…\”Semi-Holy Master… Ling Xuanhao and the others took a breath.What\’s the matter? The eighth brother has also killed a holy lord with the peak of the king. Ling Xuanbiao said carelessly.Hearing this sentence, everyone shuddered.Yes!How could I forget this incident? When everyone saw it with their own eyes, Shanghai used their own power to solve a powerhouse of the Holy Master level. In contrast, the killing of the Holy Master by the semi-Holy Lord is not a miracle. NS.Not the same! Lingxuanjian shook his head.Different?Big brother, what\’s the difference, but this guy kills a lot more, and he is a semi-sage master, if the eighth brother reaches the level of a semi-sage master, it is not difficult to kill the holy master. Ling Xuanbiao was the first to disagree.You have never been to Tianzhou, and you don\’t know the real situation there. Lingxuanjian smiled bitterly and said: \”You also know that I have been in Tianzhou for three months.\”Everyone nodded their heads. They knew about the Spirit Profound Sword\’s visit to Tianzhou more than a year ago, but they were unclear about the details.I only stayed for three months, and I can’t stay any longer. Do you know why? Originally I thought that I was able to deal with many dangers, and I could even confront the strong in the two worlds, but after I went there, I found out that I was wrong. , The opponents you meet, even those who have just stepped into the king\’s level, are much better than me…Ling Xuan Sword slowly let out a sigh, and then said: \”You are chased and killed almost every time. You can\’t imagine. There are too many geniuses there, not just the geniuses of the four clans, but the geniuses of the vast star realm. There are also many. Later, I learned from a friend of the main clan that Tianzhou is just a battlefield for ordinary geniuses. The top geniuses do not walk in Tianzhou, but in the camps of the Four Clans Alliance and the Hao Xingjie strong. Near the visitor’s camp…\”hiss……


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