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However, now that she looked at it, Shanghai\’s physique was much stronger than she had imagined, especially the thumping sound of stepping on the ground.

He only respects the strength of the king\’s pinnacle. He has this terrifying speed before even the semi-sage master has stepped into it. If he reaches the level of the semi-sage master, I am afraid that his speed will surpass that of the ordinary saints… Sixth tribe elders Heart trembled. This line of spirits and gods really has an enchanting evildoer, so young he has such capabilities, if he grows up in the future, he will definitely have a chance to become an emperor.As for today’s losses, there are also decisions made by the patriarchs and others. The elders of the six tribes not only did not feel a disadvantage, but felt that they had made a profit. Good friendship is enough for them to benefit endlessly in the future.The speed is good, but if you think that the speed is fast enough, you can escape the killing, then you are very wrong, the star field is closed.The powerful star realm expert at the holy master level suddenly pulled his hands toward his chest, and countless stardust floating around merged into the space.In an instant!The airspace where the two were located was immediately enveloped by a net of stardust.not good……The second elder and the others suddenly changed their colors, and they hurriedly flew up, but they were too badly injured to arrive in time.呲The strong star of the holy master level raised his hand slightly, and on his palm, a khaki star appeared, and a dense nebula was shrouded in it, which contained extremely powerful star power, thump thump thump, stars The center is beating slowly.This is a real star, although it has just taken shape, but it contains suffocating power.I accidentally obtained a newly formed star in the Hao Xing Realm. Originally it was ten thousand miles large, but I made it into my star tool. Although its power is not as good as a real small star, it is used to It\’s enough to kill you. A smile appeared on the corner of the Hao Star Realm powerhouse\’s mouth.boom……When the stars came out, the entire area was overturned, and the stardust web almost burst into pieces, showing how terrifying the power contained in this star.It\’s over…The expressions of the second elder and others changed drastically. Although they rushed over, they were blocked by the stardust net and were struggling to slap, but the stardust net only appeared cracks, and it took at least two breaths to break open. And these two breaths are enough to decide the ending.Seeing the stars hit, Shanghai slightly raised the evil spirit spear, a stronger chaotic force shook from his arm, and then a strange wave emerged, and the aura of Huangyu continued to diffuse.Anonymous magic!The tip of the spear flicked, and the void disappeared.A bloody light containing the ultimate shock burst into the sky, and the sky was shaken by this light, as if to be pierced by it.


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