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Shanghai didn\’t say a word, but continued to listen, and the confusion in her heart began to ease with Ming Yuyan\’s explanation.

It is impossible to say that it is not tempted. Shanghai\’s eyes turned to the little Suzaku. The latter made two chirps when he saw it. At the same time, he stretched out his two fluffy wings and kept his eggshell behind. , Staring fiercely at Shanghai and Xiao Beast.Gu… The little beast took a step forward, pointed at the little Suzaku monster and called out a few times, as if threatening it.puff……A ball of sacred fire spurted out.The little beast stabs around and hides behind.Bang!The sacred fire was shaken by Shanghai with the power of chaos, but she was surprised, because this time the power of the sacred fire sprayed by the little Suzaku was about 30% stronger than before. Looking at the little Suzaku, the fluff on her body began to become feathered, and her body shape It\’s also bigger than just now.Cuckoo…The little beast jumped out angrily, pointed at the little Suzaku and yelled again and again, but the little one didn’t dare to come forward. Soon it seemed to think of something, and slammed it towards the storage bag on its belt. Hey smile.Ouch!The trembling dragon yin emerged, and the cave almost collapsed. It was covered in dark scales, and a fifty-foot Tyrannosaurus rex emerged, with a golden square scale on its forehead, which looked quite peculiar. With its appearance, the colossal Longwei imprisoned the land.Click!The little beast jumped on the head of the Tyrannosaurus rex, grabbed the black unicorn, and pointed at the little Suzaku with a pretentious look.Goo… (can\’t you hand it over?) The little beast screamed twice.Haw…(No!) Little Suzaku raised her head stubbornly.Goo!The little beast\’s claws point to the top.Roar!The Tyrannosaurus rex burst out with extremely powerful dragon energy, suddenly raised its head in the air, and slammed into the little Suzaku. The terrifying dragon energy, even Shanghai ran out the chaotic power to resist, it can be seen that the power of this dragon energy is How scary.Facing this powerful impact, Little Suzaku seemed to feel the crisis, and it screamed eagerly, as if calling something, or chanting some ancient mantra. As its voice became more and more urgent, Dodgy and peculiar circles of fire with dense ancient patterns continued to emerge, and the void suddenly twisted strangely.


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