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Although I looked at these in my eyes, I still tried not to stick my eyes on it. I looked worried, sister, will you also attend the party tomorrow?

But Li Siyu didn\’t understand. Factory director Tang didn\’t speak in the house. Li Siyu motioned to Lincheng, and then the two withdrew two meters away. One meter\’s words must be heard. She doesn\’t want to know how factory director Tang answered. And it\’s not good for people to come out and meet them. It\’s like lying on the root of the wall. It doesn\’t impress people very well. After waiting for about ten minutes, the door of the factory director\’s office was opened. Xing Chen came out first, and then factory director Tang followed. Li Siyu couldn\’t see the expression of the two people. He saw that they were polite and would separate. Xing Chen looked this way and saw two people directly. Li Siyu stood there and nodded at them. They didn\’t listen to the corner. What are they afraid of? Are they willing to look around? Surprise flashed in Xing Chen\’s eyes. He remembered his conversation with factory director Tang just now. He didn\’t know how much they had heard. Then he thought of something. His eyes were gloomy. He nodded to them and left. Director Tang naturally saw Li Siyu and the two of them. He went over and asked, \”when did you come here?\” what\’s the content of this question? Li Siyu smiled and said, \”I\’ve only been here for about ten minutes. I didn\’t bother to see your office closed.\” Tang Hong smiled and nodded, \”go in. It\’s cold outside.\” the three went directly to the factory director\’s office. When the Secretary saw someone, he got up and poured water. Li Siyu put the gift box in his hand on the table. \”Haven\’t come for a long time. How are you doing recently?\” \”it\’s the same as before. Deputy group leader Lin has been following this matter all the time.\” he looked at Lin Cheng and nodded. Lin Cheng also didn\’t speak and looked at Li Siyu. Li Siyu didn\’t ask Lin Cheng about these things. He mainly trusted Lin Cheng\’s ability to do things.

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