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And anyway, she doesn\’t care about anything. The affairs in the palace have nothing to do with her.

Li Siyu nodded and smiled. \”You can stay at home for a few days. After I solve it, you can go out for a walk.\” the old lady shook her head and worried on her wrinkled face. \”I\’m the same everywhere. You\’re fine. Mom must stay at home and don\’t open the door casually.\” Li Siyu was relieved this time. As long as the rear area is all right, How can she have space for security? It\’s a big deal to hide in the space. Lin Cheng didn\’t come over at night. The two women ate some rice and went to bed. Lin Cheng looked at Li Kang in front of him and heard him say, \”if Feng Zhijie dares to come out again, he will break his leg directly.\” Li Kang just told him that Feng Suyuan went to find Li Siyu and said it was Li Siyu. \”And Feng Suyuan, put on a sack like a harp.\” Lin Cheng had a sneer on his face. \”If his secretary Feng doesn\’t educate his children, I\’ll help educate them!\” he doesn\’t want to be shameful. One or two of them want to beat his little daughter-in-law. It\’s because women are so bullied that they don\’t dare to come to him? Chapter 215 let him get married. Li Kang got an order and nodded to show that he knew that he was very skilled in sacking anyway. It wouldn\’t matter to set it a few more times. \”Boss, your father is still waiting for you in the hotel.\” Li Kang reminded Lin Guoqiang that he had been here for a day. Lin Cheng lit a cigarette and leaned back on his chair. \”I see. Go back first.\” he thought of Lin Guoqiang. He had a sneer on his face. Didn\’t he come to settle accounts with him? It doesn\’t matter. What can he do? How did he catch his son without evidence? Lin Xuan estimates that he is lame now? It\’s really pleasant. It was getting dark slowly. Lincheng rode slowly to the state-owned hotel. He knocked on the door of the single room on the first floor, and Lin Guoqiang immediately opened the door. \”Do you still know to come?\” Lin Guoqiang shouted in a low voice, and then made way for people to come in. Lin Cheng didn\’t bother to pay attention to him. He entered the house and sat in a chair with his legs crossed. \”What\’s the matter with me?\” Lin Guoqiang had a headache when he saw him fooling around. \”You don\’t know. Go home and have a look?\”

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