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First, Mammy song scanned the whole picture, and a little exclamation flashed in her eyes. Miss Shen is really a wonderful person! The body is slim and graceful. It is just good, very good, white and radiant. You can imagine what it feels like to touch it. But Zhenzhen means cutting onion roots, holding Zhu Dan in the mouth, frowning and smiling, moving the heart and soul.

Sun Xiufen was very dedicated before Mingming. She may have some bad comments in life, but she has always been very good at work. Since she found that sun Xiufen began to contact Chen Cuihua, she has become more and more neglectful of things at work. This person must be transferred. If it goes on like this, it will easily affect the atmosphere in the office. Director Zheng, who made up his mind, began to plan silently. Sun Xiufen, who didn\’t know he was blacklisted by his master, was still wondering there. What benefits did Li Siyu give director Zheng and how he was safe all the time. She thought, should we go up and report it? But Li Siyu was once the Deputy Secretary of the mine. She was afraid of being covered up by the deputy mine director. It\’s really frustrating. If a person always thinks about how to read other people\’s jokes instead of improving his quality and culture, he will be killed by himself sooner or later. Chapter 151 transfer the two people. The time passed quickly. In the twinkling of an eye, it was the end of the month. Li Siyu docked with Ma Lingling at work. Then, with Ma Lingling\’s confused eyes, she turned and walked away. Ma Lingling: what\’s the situation? Has officer Li left? Director Zheng came to announce it after Li Siyu left. \”From today on, director Li will not work here.\” hearing this news, everyone began to talk. Ma Lingling was a little guilty. Did Li Siyu leave because she robbed her job. Sun Xiufen couldn\’t help being happy and began to raise the corners of her mouth. But then director Zheng\’s words made everyone quiet again. \”And sun Xiufen was transferred to the logistics department. Let\’s report today.\” director Zheng\’s face was flat. Sun Xiufen was stunned by her news. Except that the logistics department can have a little oil and water, others are equivalent to coolies. Compared with the director of the office, sun Xiufen went to the logistics department, which is equivalent to working as a coolie. It is impossible for her to be the head of the logistics department. Sun Xiufen still knows herself very well, that is, to be a coolie.

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