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Lin Cheng didn\’t guess his mind, so he bowed his head and ate quietly. Everyone ate very well except Zhu Yiting. After dinner, Zhu Youwen waved to Lin Cheng and took him to the study. Zhu Yiting couldn\’t sit still and wanted to catch up. \”Yiting!\” Cui Fangju frowned and shouted to her. Looking at Zhu Yiting with a frown on her face, she sighed deeply. \”Alas, your father never likes others to listen to the corner. Don\’t do anything that annoys him, you know?\” Zhu Yiting also knows her father\’s personality, but she wants to know what they are talking about. Cui Fangju said, \”OK, I\’ll ask you in two days. Don\’t get angry.\” Zhu Yiting didn\’t want to, but she had no other way, so she had to sit back on the sofa. Zhu Yimin looked at the book in her hand and looked down on her sister\’s worthless appearance. Lin Cheng is excellent, but he always gets along with the Zhu sisters as a sister. Zhu Yiting can\’t see it, but she can see it. Maybe she doesn\’t see it, just doesn\’t want to admit it, and wants to make another effort to get closer? Zhu Yiting takes back her eyes. Her sister is no longer with her. In the study, Zhu Youwen motioned Lin Cheng to sit in a chair and sat down himself. Zhu Youwen said to him, \”it\’s reasonable to say that I can\’t intervene in your emotional problems, but now you\’re in an object, I should say a few words.\” Lin Cheng sat there without saying a word and looked at him calmly, waiting for him to say. \”You probably know your way in the future. The transfer order will come down next month. You have to be the mayor below. It may take a year to transfer back.\” Zhu Youwen drank tea. He put down his glass and then said, \”one year is to save qualifications. It is estimated that he will be a department level cadre back, and he will continue to go up.\” Lin Cheng listened without saying anything, but listened silently.

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