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Yes. Qian answered with a wry smile in his heart.

His palm was forced to cross towards the front, but patted at the vine. Boom! Palm strength contacted the vine, and then burst out in an instant. Sima Xiangshan\’s body sank. He only felt that what he slapped was not a vine, but a huge iron pillar. With the help of impulse, Sima Xiangshan shook him and immediately knocked him out. Bang. Sima Xiangshan\’s body bumped into a tall ancient wood, which collapsed directly, which was Kankan\’s stop. He fell to the ground with more dust on his body. Even his long hair was sticky. He looked up fiercely. damn! It\’s just a little close to being stirred up again! What is this vine? How can it have such strength? When Sima Xiangshan saw clearly the things in front of him, there was an obvious color of surprise and doubt on his normal face. \”This, what the hell is this?!\” he exclaimed. Sima Xiangshan could not help but have such an expression. It was really that the ancient wood in front of him was greatly beyond his expectation. In front, a huge tree with a height of 100 feet stands horizontally in front. I don\’t know how many years the ancient tree has gone through. The black and gray bark is a little old, full of traces of years, and a breath of long-standing famine is coming. If it\’s just an ancient wood, it doesn\’t matter. There are extremely strong vines hanging around the ancient wood. Now these vines seem to be completely fresh and have a strong spirit. At this time, they are swinging vines, like a python, swinging here. Looking at this posture, they seem to be looking at the strength of Sima Xiangshan. Well, Gu Mu wants to fight himself? Chapter 826 the forbidden land Sima Xiangshan is already a figure in the half immortal realm. It is reasonable to say that he has a lot of knowledge, but it is the first time to see such a strange situation in front of him. A strong ancient wood, even if you are old again, can you grow old and give birth to life? But he had experienced the power of the vine just now. On weekdays, he is in good condition with the blessing of dragon power, not to mention a vine. Even if the ancient tree waved his hand, it can directly explode him.

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