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After all, although the current emperor Chengyuan is not as cruel as in the later stage, these cruel thoughts are also rooted in his heart, otherwise they will not be triggered in the later stage.

In two groups of four, the fire burst and the sound roared. \”Huh?\” Heita\’s eyebrows turned. He thought it was just a matter of hand to kill all the martial artists. Although he was powerful, he would hurt the foundation if he took action rashly because the blood restriction had not been completely broken. He would continue to attack by evil spirits for many years. But unexpectedly, he mistook the combat effectiveness here. If only the people with black souls were natural It\’s nice to say, but there are four more uninvited guests at this time. \”Qu Qu outsiders dare to intervene in the disputes between our tribes. It\’s death! Come with me!\” Black tower waved his hand. Immediately, sixteen evil spirits locked all their targets on the four people, flew one after another and rushed to them. Seeing this scene, the fire fan\’s eyes were brighter, and the dark path came just right. He looked at the wind dance, looked at each other, and nodded to each other. They had a tacit understanding. The fire fan stepped out step by step, and with the force of this step, all the flames in his body burst out immediately Open, the whole person is like an erupting volcano. The fire burns fiercely, dispels the darkness, and brightens all around. While the wind dance is ethereal, faintly windy, and the wind flows with high prestige. \”Wind and fire vortex!\” A man and a woman spoke in unison. When their voices were combined, their own mysterious Qi also burst out. The violent anger immediately turned into a huge fireball. At the same time, with the blessing of the wind, the wind and fire gathered and the fireball became bigger. The fire spewed and shrouded the sky, just blocking the way of the evil spirits. The evil spirits were caught off guard. Unexpectedly, they were still alive With such a move, it\’s too late to wait to escape. The front was hit by this move. Boom! There was a loud noise. Under the explosion of the fire, it was like a fire wave. One wave swallowed all the evil spirits. Moreover, the remaining power of the fireball rushed straight to the front of the black tower. In the frightened eyes of the black tower, four people died The whole ground trembled violently, and the huge pillar of fire rose up from the sky, which seemed to tear the whole dark cloud covered sky directly. As for evil spirits and black towers, they were swallowed up in the fire. They were clean and successful? The fire fan and wind dance performed this move, and their faces were a little white, but they saw the success Fruit, his face still showed a happy look sincerely. Under such a close outbreak, it must be enough for him to eat a pot!

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