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What if there\’s someone who won\’t go? Shen Ling said tentatively.

Fang Yang was standing tall with a simple face. When Jiang Tianyan\’s body method burst, a blue gap suddenly opened in his eyebrow, and then the gap expanded. The Dragon roared suddenly, and a blue streamer burst with Fang Yang as the center. Dragon eye pupil! As soon as the dragon\’s eyes opened, the surrounding scenes were reversed and changed. Everything had no brilliance, leaving only pure lines of Taoist patterns linking the world. While Fang Yang\’s eyes locked on Jiang Tianyan, he also clearly saw the Tao pattern in the center of his fa Xiang. There is a whole road pattern running through Jiang Tianyan\’s mountains. At this time, the dark Qi diffused from the whole Taoist pattern, and the inner dark Qi surged into it, which was about to burst. Seeing this, Fang Yang didn\’t stop. As soon as he lifted his right hand, the mysterious wind and cloud rolled around, and suddenly formed a sword blade condensed from the pure sword idea between his palms. When the sword comes out, yin and Yang diffuse, and the Dao pattern is cut straight. yin-yang! Since the Dharma phase is derived from the divine soul, Fang Yang, a yin-yang sword specially used to cut the divine soul, can\’t be more suitable to deal with it! When the sword came out, the Yin and Yang lines curled around and whizzed to the middle Taoist pattern of the Dharma phase of Jiang Tianyan mountain. When the sword comes out, the Taoist pattern will break immediately. Jiang Tianyan\’s huge body suddenly trembled, and the Taoist pattern was broken. There was no channel for Xuanqi absorption and transportation. All the bright lights on the body surface are for one meal. After that, the yin-yang gate opened, and the majestic suction instantly acted on Jiang Tianyan\’s mountain Dharma phase. \”What\’s the matter? Why is it like this?\” Jiang Tianyan shouted angrily. He just felt something stirring in his body, and then the mysterious Qi around him was in a mess, completely out of his control. What\’s more, his mysterious Qi, which was originally covered on the surface of the mountain to explode, melted one after another under the absorption of this great force. Instead, he entered the yin-yang gate on his head. Gradually, not only the mysterious Qi on the body surface, but also the Faxiang mountain condensed by him fell off layer by layer, and his huge body was shrinking rapidly. \”My Dharma phase, my Dharma phase\” Jiang Tianyan kept struggling, but when the Tao pattern was broken, the mysterious Qi around him no longer belonged to him, and he had no power to mobilize at all. It took ten breath to open the huge yin-yang door. Jiang Tianyan\’s mountain Dharma had disappeared. His body was revealed and struggled to get out of the scope of the yin-yang door. But Fang Yang cut off his Tao pattern and used the body of FA Xiang to show the yin-yang sword. Can he escape. \”Come in.\”

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