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Shen Zong was so proud that he immediately put all his thoughts on Shen Ling, so this was supposed to be Shen Zong\’s Qian family. Shen Ling\’s lonely family dinner turned into a family dinner boasting about caring for Shen Ling.

\”Let\’s go! At least let Fang Yang not be possessed!\” said Li mubai. They struggled between the Dharma array and approached Fang Yang. Fang Yang\’s face flickered, his eyes felt empty, and his confusion also fell into a dead cycle. At this time, the emperor of the underworld in front of him couldn\’t bear it and sneered: \”what genius is nothing but such a level. Die for me!\” the evil spirit of the black cloud around him suddenly broke out. Fang Yang\’s body was shocked and flew out directly under the evil spirit. The emperor of the underworld rushed forward and followed, and the black clouds filled the air, His attack was also photographed towards Fang Yang. Just after the fierce palm strength swept, Fang Yang just barely resisted it, and was blown out in an instant. He took off his strong breath directly, and a mouthful of blood gushed out. At the same time, he saw that Fang Yang\’s face was rapidly depressed and his momentum was greatly reduced. Under the trauma, he was also separated from the chaos of yin and Yang. As soon as he broke away, the two violent smells of yin and Yang and Xuan Qi quickly ran up and down Fang Yang\’s body. The Xuan Qi exploded in bursts, and there was a burst of blood between his mouth and nose. This is the third time that yin and yang are in disorder. Even if Fang Yang has the vitality and body protection left by the old man, the urging in such a short time also brings a great burden to his body. At this time, a large mass of blood spits out from his mouth. Coupled with the attack of the Ming emperor on the periphery, both inside and outside are damaged and deeply damaged. The situation took a sharp turn for the worse, so that many fighters didn\’t react. What\’s going on? Didn\’t Fang Yang beat the emperor before? How could Fang Yang fall into such a situation in a blink of an eye. Looking at his blood stained appearance, no one doubts the severity of Fang Yang\’s injury. Can\’t even Fang Yang stop it? The faces of several people changed, and a pale look appeared one by one. If Fang Yang fails, who should resist the emperor? Boom! There was another sound, but the sound was not transmitted from the yin-yang Liuxian hall. Behind him, the vast sea waves and waves rose. Everyone turned their heads together and then saw a very shocked scene. Between the dense thunder clouds, the heavenly king just like a god falling down. Behind him, there is a thunder god Dharma phase, all condensed by bright white thunder light, in a state of anger, with four drums on his back. Heavenly king, Dharma phase, Thor! As soon as the Dharma phase came out, the heavenly king swallowed all the thunder Qi between heaven and earth with the help of the power of the God of thunder. Then he saw the thunder drum behind the God of thunder Dharma phase. Each sound was like a thunder exploding in everyone\’s ears. The sound was so loud that they were all dizzy.

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