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Everyone was surprised when this remark came out. Is that really the case.

Hearing Fang Yang\’s words, Li mubai smiled and scolded; \”I\’m sure I\’m right when I left that day. You little boy, how long has it taken you to have such a great promotion? Why don\’t you just run to the 68th place and let you grow!\” chapter 585 peach blossom blood Gardenia Li mubai, three people tear the crack of the nether world and shuttle from the tenth floor. As soon as he appeared, Li mubai also noticed the strange phenomenon here. Li mubai quickly asked Luo Xiu to help. Under the crisis, with the help of the Dharma of the black armor God, Kankan saved Kui mountain. Kui mountain fell to the ground, still a little stunned, and the scene in front of me seems to be a little untrue. Fang Yang was overjoyed. He didn\’t expect Li mubai to appear at such a critical time. \”You have my thousand wine glasses left on you, so I can find out where you are.\” Li mubai smiled and the four came to Fang Yanghe. Several people took a stroll in the court. It seemed that they were not affected by the blood color vortex in the air at all. When they came to Fang Yang\’s side, Fang Yang\’s body sank and his whole body relaxed immediately, so that he would no longer be involved by the vortex. He looked stunned and then stunned. Now how terrible the suction of the blood color vortex is, but he personally experienced it. He didn\’t expect that it was such a terrible suction vortex, and few people had any action, which was instantly dissipated. \”This is the blood devil?\” the two people next to Li mubai said. Luo Xiu looked curiously at the blood whirlpool over there and said, \”it looks like he has recovered a lot of strength.\” situ Mu nodded, \”it should be 50%.\” since we met here, don\’t let him go. Kill one more, it\’s one. \”Luo Xiu said, taking a step in front of him, which was an ordinary step, Behind him, a sudden black light filled the air, and the virtual shadow floated. The previous black body covered in armor reappeared. \”Die for me!\” Luo Xiu roared. The black armor God\’s arm behind him probed and grabbed it into the vortex. After the blood devil appeared in several people, he always showed a look of stupidity on his face, felt the terrible breath surging from several people, and made him feel powerless. At this time, seeing Luo Xiu urging the spirit, he rushed towards himself in an instant, and his face changed greatly. His own blood gas surged into the vortex, and the blood color vortex increased greatly. He tried to absorb the blood gas that wanted to affect Luo Xiu into it. However, no matter how he controlled it, Luo Xiu\’s body stood upright, but it was not affected by the blood color vortex. Instead, the Dharma phase of the black armor God behind him was pounded out in the vortex, with a roar and tremor.

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