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When Zhang Xuewen said this, he had to praise the idea of deputy director Yulin.

In the past, these dark eyes were born from heaven and earth. I have never heard that a martial artist can create them by his own strength. Just think about it, Fang Yang can think of what magnificent and rolling waves would be in the vast sea when he founded the dark eye at that time. \”The nine mysterious eyes are created in ordinary times. They will silently absorb the mysterious air in the waves. In a time period of every decade, the mysterious air in the nine mysterious eyes will overflow, but all of them erupt. The mysterious air erupts, pulling the wave vortex and condensing into a majestic vortex, and the sea current will show a vacuum under the vortex and directly He went to the bottom of the sea and revealed all the treasures in the sea. Such a scene is the nine vortices through the sea. \”Huang Mei was also dignified:\” with his own strength, he didn\’t hesitate to spend ten years to achieve this. Do you think the sea fairy is a madman. \”Fang Yang pulled his mouth:\” he\’s not just a madman, he\’s a crazy king. \” How much mysterious Qi has been consumed in the past ten years. He only did such appalling things for a moment of discomfort, and how not terrible. \”No matter what the purpose is, hai19\’s contribution to the netherworld passage goes without saying.\” Li mubai smiled, \”As soon as the scene of nine vortices penetrating the sea appears, a large number of martial artists gather in the vast sea every ten years. They want to use the sea water to penetrate the bottom and collect some secret treasures. You know, the history of the vast sea here is longer than that of the Longyuan Dynasty. After so many years of accumulation, there are two treasures in it. Moreover, it is difficult to find heaven and earth when the dragon family dies, and it is likely that it will be in the world There are many covetous people buried in the vast sea here. \”Fang Yang\’s eyes twinkle when he hears this. If so, he has great potential. Li mubai looks at Fang Yang\’s expression, shakes his head and laughs: \”Don\’t be happy too early. Although the nine vortices through the sea can reveal the underwater scene, you can\’t take it at will. There are many big demons in the sea. I feel that the nine vortices through the sea is equivalent to destroying their homes. At this time, when the warriors gather to rob the treasures, the big demons in the vast sea will gather together to reveal their true body, destroy the warriors and prove In addition to the martial artists who rob each other of their treasures, every time the nine vortices penetrate the sea is also a place of intense fighting. If you want to win the treasure, you must first be prepared to kill and be killed. \”Fang Yang not only flinched, but his eyes were brighter: \”If so, wouldn\’t it be better to have fighting experience and treasure. I have to rob the nine vortices through the sea!\” Huang Mei smiled and scolded. Li Mu was serious in his face: \”It\’s good for you to have such a mind, but you still need to be careful. First, don\’t think we can protect you if we follow you. There are many big demons in the vast sea. Many of them have been ranked at the top of the sun and become half human and half demon rampant. Even if I encounter them, I have to weigh them. At that time, the martial arts will gather together and the war situation will be chaotic. Whether you can take care of them or not.\” \”Thanks for Uncle Li\’s kindness, but at that time, I\’m going to do it alone,\” Fang Yang said. Li mubai frowned slightly. Fang Yang explained; \”The reason why I came to the netherworld passage from the outside is to take advantage of the danger here, fight between life and death, win in death and improve my strength. If I follow Uncle Li, when I think of Uncle Li\’s ranking, I have no sense of crisis and it is not conducive to fighting. Therefore, I intend to separate from Uncle Li and elder brother Huang Mei for a while when jiuvortex appears through the sea \”What are you saying?\” Li mubai looked at him seriously. Fang Yang\’s eyes were clear and nodded brightly. Huang Mei and Li mubai stared at Fang Yang for a while, making sure he didn\’t ask big words, so they met and smiled. \”What did I say? It\’s definitely not a fluke that this boy can rush into the top 100 of the Dragon list in just three years.\” Chapter 538 as time goes by, the number of martial artists near Hanhai increases sharply.

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