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Li Siyu walked in and looked at a lot of cloth. He couldn\’t shine his eyes.

\”What can I do? No matter what I ask, I\’ll agree!\” Yu hongdie seems to grasp the straw and hurriedly says. Hearing this, Zhou Tong\’s eyes obviously show a touch of lust. He subconsciously looks at Yu hongdie and coughs: \”It\’s all your greed. You shouldn\’t go to the five dragon pond. Can you go there casually? The five dragon breath spits out and contains strong poison. Even the martial arts in the early sun can\’t stop it. The Dragon poison in his body goes deep into the spirit, and the general detoxification materials are useless. Unless it\’s some strange spiritual materials\” \”I\’ll find some spiritual materials.\” Yu hongdie said firmly, \”hum, nonsense, where can you find this strength?\” Zhou tongleng hum, \”All the things needed to detoxify the Dragon poison are treasures in the depths of the nether passage. They are valuable. We can\’t get them. I happen to know the head of the wolf tooth regiment. I know that he has a lot of spiritual materials in his hand. It\’s very good. If you are willing to spend some xuanjing, I can sell face and go and ask for a try.\” \”Xuanjing? OK, no problem. I can take out all my savings. Thirty thousand is enough?\” Yu hongdie hurriedly took out the cloth bag. Zhou Tong\’s face brightened, stretched out his hand to grab the cloth bag in her hand, put it away impolitely, and then hehe said with a smile: \”how can thirty thousand? At least add zero.\” \”three hundred thousand?!?\” Yu hongdie was surprised. This is an extremely terrible astronomical figure. 300000 xuanjing is enough to buy a purple grain xuanbing. The 30000 xuanjing was accumulated by her and her brother for more than ten years, and the daily cost is very small. 300000, where can I get it? The stone path was also startled: \”is this, this too high?\” \”Gao? Hum. How can we measure the spirits of heaven and earth with xuanjing? 300000 can be bought, but it\’s still a big face!\” Zhou Tongdao said. \”This\” Shijing looked embarrassed. \”Doctor Zhou, why don\’t you think of another way? After so many years of friendship between us, I think I saved your life on the sixth floor.\” he just said this, Zhou Tong turned pale and jumped angrily: \”If I didn\’t watch our friendship, who the hell would come to your broken place and walk away. If I didn\’t save him, it wouldn\’t matter if I died!\” he scolded and walked out. Yu hongdie was shocked. Zhou Tong was a famous doctor. If he didn\’t save him, his brother would really have no hope. Shi Jing rushed up and complimented: \”Doctor Zhou, don\’t be angry. Help, we must help. Let\’s do something about the 300000 yuan.\” at the mention of xuanjing, most of Zhou Tong\’s anger dissipated. He snorted and didn\’t have a good way: \”you should go as soon as possible. In another month and a half, all the adults in the wolf tooth group will leave. At that time, you can\’t buy it if you want to buy it.\” \”yes, yes.\” Shi Jingmian had a decadent response. Zhou Tong was extremely satisfied. He smiled and looked at Yu hongdie: \”if you are free, go to my place and have a good \’discussion\’ about your brother\’s condition. Well, hey, hey, \’discussion\’.\” The tone was so strange that I couldn\’t see what he thought. But Yu hongdie was out of his mind at this time. He couldn\’t care about his tone, so he just nodded. Zhou Tong was extremely satisfied with his trip, so he laughed and turned out of the wooden house.

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