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She immediately wiped Lin Cheng\’s forehead, and sure enough, she had a fever!

\”Dragon and snake!\” the sword Qi condensed into a dragon and snake virtual shadow and roared out. The dragon and snake produced this time are twice smaller than the black water sword, but they are more solid and thick. The dragon and snake roar and sweep like the image of a real dragon, which is extremely powerful. Boom! The dragon and snake sword Qi burst and directly forced Gu Kang\’s body to stagnate. At this time, Fang Yang pushed open the door with water qianrou and rushed into the periphery. \”Chase, chase! No matter what price you pay, you can\’t let them run away!!\” Gu kangruo is crazy. Shang Wen\’an is also angry. When he was in Chunyang Zhenzong, he was clearly a boy he despised. Now he has become so difficult. He is arrogant by nature. He can\’t bear it. He must kill Fang Yang to wash his shame! So he flew out with the pure sun sword blade and chased away. The remaining few people also moved together. On the other side of Mo He, his eyes flashed fiercely: \”it\’s getting stronger again. It\’s a little interesting. It seems that it\’s time to fight. Otherwise, if he is promoted in this state, I may not be his opponent next time!\” thinking of this, Mo he also laughed and turned into a flash of light. Zhu Wang wiped the sweat on his forehead, and his small eyes twinkled with venomous color: \”Qiulong treasure! That\’s a great thing. You can\’t let Fang Yang take it away like this. I\’ll contact my eldest brother and kill Fang Yang together. No matter how I say, I want to grab Qiulong treasure!\” when he thought about it, he dragged his bloated body and rushed out. Inside the door, into another vast main hall. Fang Yang just walked in with Shui qianrou. The sun fire dance in his right hand and the thunder seal in his left hand merged and turned into a huge ball of fire and thunder, which crashed on the door leaf. As soon as Shang Wen\’an rushed out, he looked at the ball of fire and thunder in horror and was directly pushed in by this powerful energy. Then Fang Yang\’s eyes turned and went away with water qianrou. The hall here is vast and magnificent. It should be similar to the main hall. Unexpectedly, Fang Yang went from the side hall to the main hall. There are still countless channels extending in all directions between the main hall. Fang Yang with water qianrou directly rushed into one of the channels and disappeared in it with the help of the dark cover in the channel. When their bodies disappeared, several people of Chunyang Zhenzong appeared one after another, but after entering here, where can we find Fang Yang\’s body.

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