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Several people looked at Ye Chun, who had been silent, as if waiting for him to confirm.

With the roar of the wind, everyone\’s mind immediately converged and looked forward one by one. A fluttering nymphalus butterfly entered the array plate without obstruction. This array can only isolate the mysterious Qi and flesh and blood, but it has no good blocking effect on the power of the soul. The nymphalus fluttered in front of the crowd, and then its light trembled and the silver light surged. The silver white nymphalus suddenly trembled, and then turned into a projection image of a young man. It was Fang Yang. \”Yang Huo!\” Feng Wuji was stunned and surprised to see Fang Yang appear. The original state of physical and mental fatigue immediately cheered up. Fang Yang unexpectedly appeared here, which shows that they have a way to live! He has long had a deep confidence in Fang Yang. He was very surprised to see Fang Yang appear in this crisis. Chapter 324 Fang Yang ventured out of the encirclement with the help of his soul. His appearance was extremely sudden. So that after he appeared, the people around him were stunned. After the wind called out his name, this group of talents reacted. \”Yang Huo? It\’s the boy who swallowed Chunyang Bodhi?\” \”how did you show up? Did our Chunyang Zhenzong\’s reinforcements finally come?!\” \”who, who is it, senior brother Mohe or senior brother Shang Wen\’an? We can finally fight back and kill all the poisonous imperial court debris of dog day!\” the people were shocked and thought that Fang Yang\’s appearance, It\’s because Chunyang Zhenzong people have arrived. Fang Yang glanced at the crowd\’s expressions and said with cold water, \”it seems that I need to interrupt your fantasy. Chunyang Zhenzong didn\’t come to rescue you. He didn\’t even know you were in such a place.\” the noisy crowd was stunned immediately. \”How can it be? Why, what about the people of Chunyang Zhenzong? There are so many of us. Now there are 60 people in the poison emperor Dynasty, isn\’t there only 100 people in total? Elder martial brother Mohe, did they directly leave us to rob the ancient xuanjing?\” someone asked suspiciously. \”Yang Huo, what\’s the matter? You came alone?\” Feng Wuji also asked. Fang Yang said, \”Wang Wu and I are outside. There are only two of us.\” the two people look at each other and can see the despair in each other\’s eyes. Two people can\’t help them at all. Even if there is a Wang Wu in the early Yang realm, once the flying dove army of the poison emperor Dynasty makes every effort to kill them, it\’s just a very easy thing.

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