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The man shook his head. This towel can\’t be cleaned by wiping the coal ash. I\’ll wash it at home.

Zhan Chu hesitated and looked at Fang Yang. Fang Yang\’s eyes narrowed. He looked at Fang Yang quietly and said, \”now the war situation is chaotic. It\’s our chance. But it depends on how you decide. Do you want to open the coffin and directly seize the Taoist pattern, or do you want to make your ancestors turn into corpses and ghosts to wake up.\” \”what are the different countermeasures?\” sun Manzi asked. \”It would be much easier to just capture the Taoist patterns. Now they are all focused on the corpse ghost and won\’t notice the coffin. In addition, the ancestors of the war family are still half dead. They can sneak into the past and capture the Taoist patterns.\” Fang Yang said, \”as for waking up the corpse ghost, they should be ready to fight with Heiya and others.\” sun Manzi said: \”That\’s needless to say! Of course it\’s to seize the Tao pattern, isn\’t it, big brother?\” Zhan Chu didn\’t answer. He hesitated for a while before he said: \”Let him wake up. After all, he is the ancestor of our war family. No matter what his character is, he should always let him know that our war family has fallen into such a situation. If he can wake up and care for the war family, he will also have a chance to rebuild the war family! Let our war family flourish again!\” As the last descendant of the Zhan family, Zhan Chu had seen the glory of the Zhan family and shouldered the heavy burden of rebuilding the Zhan family. In the past, he was chased and killed in the forsaker League. Now, if he had the opportunity, he would fight hard. Since Zhan Chu said so, they didn\’t have any opinions. \”That\’s good! Then we\’ll take the opportunity to disturb the actions of a group of people in Heiya regiment. Heiya covets the body of the warrior in chuyang. If we stop him, we can buy enough time to wake up the ancestors of the war family in the coffin.\” Fang Yang said. \”OK! Kill his grandmother a bear.\” Sun Manzi roared. Zhan Chu, Xin Guihua and even Xiao Si were eager to try. They were all on the way, but they were not lightly oppressed. \”Just right, there was something I wanted on that black tooth,\” Fang Yang\’s eyes twinkled, and he didn\’t forget his main task, \”However, if you lose the enemy, don\’t tangle and fight scattered. Anyway, there are so many corpses and ghosts of martial arts in the early Yang realm, and their minds will be scattered a lot.\” Several people nodded heavily and then dispersed. Zhan Chu took Xiao Si, sun Manzi and Xin Guihua together, and Fang Yang acted alone. He turned his eyes and pointed directly at Heiya in the crowd. More than two hundred martial arts of Heiya regiment had acted together and woke up the corpses of three martial arts in the early Yang area. There was a surge of mysterious Qi. Li Bei also intervened slightly, Stop the attack of ghouls. One of them is the person who hurt Li Bei earlier. At this time, Li Bei\’s attention is also locked on him. As for Heiya, he has met the ghoul holding the beast sword one by one. Heiya\’s body is filled with black air, which is somewhat similar to the Yin Qi of the ghouls. His hands move together, and there are ghost claws in bursts. There is a faint smell in the sweep The sound of breaking the space. The corpse ghost is strong and good at hard bars. In addition, he has a big sword in his hand. He knows the way of big sword and is very fierce. If it was the heyday, it was only a few moves to kill black teeth with the green grain beast sword in his hand, but at this time, the corpse Qi and Yin Qi in his body crossed into the majority. In addition, he just woke up, whether it was intelligence Or the body is in a rigid state, but it doesn\’t make your strength a little stronger than the later stage of the empty and dark realm.

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