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Back home, Li Siyu took off his coat and threw it directly into the trash can in the space.

The source of soul is the most vulnerable existence of the warrior. With the falling of Fangyang butterfly, the blue light on his wings flashes, and each flash reduces the power of life on the source of soul rapidly. After the blue butterfly is fanned more than ten times, the source of soul of the warrior quickly withers down. As for the warrior outside, his face is withered, and his look between his eyes is greatly reduced All of a sudden, he fell to the ground. \”Zhao Ming!\” the martial artist who saw this scene was surprised and shouted, but he had no response. Plop, plop. One after another, two martial artists in the empty and dark realm rushed to the ground, without breath, and the source of the soul was swallowed up. At this time, Wang Han finally understood the importance of the matter: \”Be careful! At this time, attack the original soul directly. Don\’t let the butterfly close!\” As he shouted, the martial artists around him woke up like a dream, one by one looked pale, and no one dared to underestimate the seemingly Petite butterfly. How terrible is the attack that hurts the origin of the soul! Even the martial artists in the empty nether world can kill second, even in the bone tooth mountains. They retreated in panic, and Fang Yang\’s soul butterfly can\’t do much Yes. Fang Yang frowned: \”the action speed is too slow. Although the effect is good, it can only be used as a sneak attack.\” He shook his head, raised his hand and collected all the butterflies into the center of his eyebrows. A faint light flowed in his eyebrows. With the butterfly flying back, together with the soul power previously absorbed, it became Fang Yang\’s own nourishment. This means of turning a hundred spirits into a butterfly was realized by Fang Yang after his soul source was completely transformed into a silkworm. Tianhai lingguo is worthy of being a rare treasure and his work on the soul source With great use, Fang Yang only refined such a small one, which fully increased his soul power by two-thirds! At this time, Fang Yang\’s understanding of the sea, the origin of the soul has been completely transformed into a silkworm, wrapped in pure soul silk thread, and even Fang Yang doesn\’t know what changes will happen. But the change must be good! Fang Yang has a hunch now, waiting for him to know the sea When the white silkworm state of the origin of Fang Yang\’s soul is over and Fang Yang becomes a butterfly, it is the day when Fang Yang reaches the empty and dark realm! Seeing that the weakness of Bailing butterfly is so obvious, Fang Yang simply abandons it. There are still eight martial artists there who want to flee pale when they see Fang Yang\’s strange means, but Fang Yang can\’t give them this opportunity. With the black water sword in hand, Fang Yang\’s face is cold: \”Why? Do you want to go now? Aren\’t you still talking about how to kill me? Now it\’s time for me to repay!\” Zipo, four turns! The blade of Heishui sword turns purple, and a surge of Zipo sword Qi suddenly changes into a huge blade.

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