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The electric rice cooker is measured by 8 to 10 people. You can\’t cook every day in the future.

There is no interference from Chen Jiuyin and other government soldiers here. It doesn\’t matter to kill several people. Although there are many treasures in the xuanjie, there are many good things for those who concentrate on martial arts! Liu Buhui, who was the first to walk in front of him, stopped. He raised his hand and whispered, \”right ahead, it\’s a giant mountain rock bear, a monster at the peak of the concentration realm. You must pay attention to that this monster is very powerful. Most martial artists in the empty and dark realm don\’t dare to fight it easily.\” the eyes of the people immediately looked over and sure enough, through the layers of trees, In an open space ahead, I saw a huge body. It was a giant bear that seemed to be piled up by rocks. At first glance, it was thought to be a statue, but if you carefully observe it, you can feel the terrible mysterious gas wave emitted by the mountain rock giant bear. Mountain rock giant bear is a famous monster. It is born with the strength of concentration. Its body is strong. Ordinary xuanbing has little effect and great power. It is a big problem for most martial artists. Chapter 160 sea blue covers the trap. \”It\’s actually a mountain rock giant bear.\” Zheng Hei\’s expression is also unnatural. He had boasted that he would tear up the monster, but he didn\’t expect it to be this guy. If he rushed up, I\’m afraid he would be torn up. \”The mountain rock giant bear is difficult to deal with. This mountain rock giant bear at the peak of the concentrated state can\’t help a few people. It\’s a problem whether it can break its defense.\” Liu Buhui said. The woman hung her eyes and said discontentedly, \”you all know it\’s so difficult. What else do you want us to do? We can beat this monster that is not weaker than the level of empty and dark environment?\” Zheng Hei also faintly retreated. Although Zhu Hongguo is good, he has to have life to enjoy it. \”I\’m not afraid. I\’ve been prepared.\” Liu Buhui said with a smile. \”We have a cooperative attack technique in Beihai sect. If our four brothers work together to perform the cooperative attack technique, the power will be no weaker than that of the people in the empty and dark world. However, it takes time to prepare for the application of this secret technique. We\’ll ask you to block the mountain rock giant bear in a moment, and we\’ll attack the second kill together!\” \”Oh? Beihai sect still has such a secret method?\” Zheng Hei wondered. \”That\’s natural! Our Beihai sect is expected to attack the first-class sect, and you don\’t have to hold on for too long. It\’s almost as good to have a cup of tea.\” Liu Buhui hurried. He seemed afraid that several people would retreat. He pointed to the mountain rock giant bear Pang: \”There are four vermilion fruits over there. After you get them, how about you two take one first?\” Liu Buhui mainly wooed Zheng Hei. After all, both of them have the highest cultivation achievements in the concentration state. They are the strongest and have great benefits in persuading them. They looked at it immediately and saw the red fruits next to the mountain rock giant bear. On a dark green wooden stem, four red fruits are shining and transparent, but they are only the size of a baby\’s fist. A fresh fragrance came from it, The mere sniff made people feel refreshed. \”It\’s really Zhu Hongguo! What a good thing!\” Zheng hei and his two eyes lit up immediately. \”As long as I can take one, I have a great chance to impact the level of the empty and dark world!\” he changed his expression and thought for a while. Finally, he wanted to seek wealth and danger, and gritted his teeth and said: \”OK! Then I should take a cup of tea. With the strength of several of us, we can still stop it. You have to keep your word with the promise of a vermilion fruit.\”

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