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Chapter 31 is so familiar

\”Wait a minute!!\” feeling that the breath of destruction doubled again, the elder immediately shouted anxiously. Seeing this, Fang Yang played a playful smile at the corners of his mouth: \”why? Don\’t dare to fight?\” \”I can decide if you want to go! But one more thing, I can\’t decide!\” the elder murmured. \”What?\” Fang Yang Ning said. \”It doesn\’t matter if you want to go from Shangyang palace. In the future, your Fang Yang will not be my Shangyang palace disciple.\” the elder looked at Fang Yang and said slowly. Here, the elder took a deep breath and looked at Fang Yang: \”from today on, your Fang Yang has nothing to do with my Shangyang palace!\” Hearing this, Fang Yang\’s heart immediately trembled. At the same time, the elder looked at the young man not far away. Seeing this, Fang Yang sneered and said in his heart, \”Jiang is still hot!\” after that, Fang Yang looked at the elder and smiled, \”thank you, elder!\” then Fang Yang turned his head and looked at the young man surnamed Ling: \”what about you?\” That\’s what the elder just meant. Fang Yang committed a crime, but the elder general Fang Yang was expelled from the Shangyang palace. Even if he punished Fang Yang, the face of the Shangyang palace can be preserved in the future. But Fang Yang was the man of Huoyu county and killed the man of Huoyu County!! this has nothing to do with his Shangyang palace! If the young man agrees to let Fang Yang go , what he lost was the face of Huoyu County, which had nothing to do with Shangyang palace. Fang Yang thought deeply about this, so he sincerely sighed in his heart that Jiang was still hot. \”Your name is Fang Yang, isn\’t it?\” Fang Yang asked. After a little meditation, the young man looked at Fang Yang and smiled. \”How about it?\” Fang Yang asked faintly. \”What if I don\’t let you go today?\” he glanced at Fang Yang coldly. The young man seemed not to care about Fang Yang at all. As the young man\’s voice fell, the atmosphere became tense again! Chapter 63 battle of wits and courage

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