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Li Siyu opened it and frowned. This mess looks like ants crawling around.

He didn\’t order Jane Xi how to do it. Everything was agreed with her. He didn\’t know Jane Xi\’s little abacus, but he tried to help her fight for the greatest interests outside. Who said she was free. While earning materials, she also collected a lot of spirit stones, but these were converted into large, medium and small spirit veins and put them in her ring. However, this number did not exceed their limit, and through another statement, it was won. Nominally, it was the common cost of the friar alliance, but most of it went into Jian Xi\’s pocket. This Long Yun did not deduct her. It can be said that Jane Xicai was the biggest winner of the war. Of course, she also paid a lot. She hasn\’t slept once for several years, except for alchemy, array flag cultivation, and then studying the seal, restoring the seal one by one, without stopping. \”Fellow Taoist friends, you are patting your conscience. This time, if there is no Jian Xi, can you win this battle at the lowest price? The answer lies in your heart. I won\’t say anything else. Anyway, Jian Xi is already the fifth sect elder of Xuantian sect. She has been tired for so long, we don\’t bother her anymore. Let her have a good rest. Three In the future, we set out to go back to our respective zongmen \”dragon Yun hammered the sound, and then we should fly back to our own zongmen first. And Jane Xi was pulled back to the ship of the magic gate by Qijie letter star. Qijie Xunyuan had been waiting there. Li Zhiyu also came here with him. He took a quick step and was already ahead of Qi Jiexun, laughing and talking. Chapter 674 return Rest in the sealed place for three days. During these three days, Jane Xi spent three happy days with all her family and friends. During these three days, Qi Jiexing also completely integrated with the people here. All normal strange stars in life have less high coldness and more warmth and sunshine that make people feel good. In the past three days, Mo Yun often appeared in xuantianzong where Jian Xi was located. For Mo Yun, Qi Jiehan star was not particularly excluded. Mo Yun\’s cold temperament was born, unlike Qi Jiehan star, which was formed later because of his own experience. Therefore, his coldness still did not change. However, because he was familiar with many of Jian Xi\’s friends, he didn\’t have any special twist. He didn\’t notice the embarrassment that Jian Xi wanted to swell with Qi Jiexing, but Jian Xi didn\’t know. When she didn\’t notice, the two men had met and had a conversation in which no one could know the content. Maybe Jian Xi won\’t know it all her life. Mo Yun said goodbye to Jian Xi with a lot of calm and accurate positioning. He is her friend. He puts all his feelings for her in the bottom of his heart. Maybe this is the place where he doesn\’t allow others to spy all his life. Qi Jiexing still appreciates what Mo Yun has done except his feelings for Jian Xi. He is a big demon that has only been transformed for more than ten years, Even so quickly integrated the demon clan on the whole rotating Hill star. Such a person is extremely excellent, both in cultivation and ability. Yu Muyang also saw qijiehan star alone. He didn\’t say much, but smiled. His warm smile implied a trace of pain, but it was hidden very deeply. No one found out. \”Please treat Jane Xi well. Although I knew her earlier than you, maybe we met by fate, but we didn\’t have a share. If you are the person she has been waiting for, please cherish it. If one day you let me know. You hurt her. Then I won\’t let you go, no matter in heaven or in earth. Although my current cultivation speed is not as fast as you. But I won\’t relax for a moment Your cultivation will surpass you. Don\’t believe it. Nothing is difficult. If you protect him well, I\’m just her friend in this life. But if you make her sad, don\’t blame me for grabbing her back one day. \”This is Yu Muyang\’s short interleaving and outdated words. They stopped to say, and then. He looked ahead and passed qijiehan star. Qi Jiexing couldn\’t help laughing bitterly at his woman. It has caused a lot of peach blossom debt! But as a man. How could he shrink back? He glanced at Yu Muyang\’s tall back and said, \”Jane Xi is my woman. How can I allow her to be sad? I will protect her, keep her and love her forever.\” When Yu Muyang heard Qi Jiexing\’s answer, his lips tilted slightly, walked forward, and didn\’t answer: \”I hope you remember what you said. As long as you keep your promise, I Yu Muyang will only be Jian Xi\’s good friend all my life. Bye!\” Yu Muyang\’s figure is getting farther and farther away, and he can\’t see it. Qi Jiexing also settles down and straightens out his mood. Whether Yu Muyang or Mo Yun, they all have no less feelings for their own women, but his women know that she has only herself in her heart. For such an excellent woman, they don\’t allow themselves to be a little bad to her, She is her own, now, in the future, always. She has no or little participation in her life for more than 30 years, but she will be closely related to him in all days in the future. Where Jian Xi can\’t see, Qi Jiexing has reached a consensus with the two men. When he appears in front of Jian Xi again, both Mo Yun and Yu Muyang have been fully integrated into his friend\’s identity, which doesn\’t make Jian Xi feel a trace of reluctance. Jane Xi is very happy about this situation. She is afraid that they will cause a lot of embarrassment and disharmony when they meet together. This is what she wants to see most.

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