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Yang Jun didn\’t feel anything. He just had a bigger reaction to carsickness than others.

There are everything from warships to spices for spiritual food. If you don\’t have a goal, you can buy whatever you see. Anyway, Jane Xi doesn\’t need money. Oh, not spirit stone, so everyone has a good time. Of course, Jane Xi still found some spiritual plants she didn\’t have, and some little monsters she hadn\’t seen. She bought them. Jane Xi waved her big sleeve, which was very natural and unrestrained. There are also some materials used to refine the array flag, some gadgets that can bring convenience to life, and the means of refining the utensils, which makes Jane Xi marvel. She only knows the fur about the refining utensils. When she saw some cooking stoves, Jane Xi couldn\’t help taking out the spirit stones and bought several sets. The stoves refined by the pure refining utensils are only a 16 open book, A 5mm thick thin plate can just start the prohibition depicted above, and it will cook and fry like an induction cooker. Moreover, the heat is higher and purer, and it is very convenient to adjust the temperature. It only needs to be adjusted after refining. Of course, the supporting pots and pans are not comparable to those of Jianxi. As a food product, these have become the things in Jianxi\’s bag. In short, they walked and walked until it was dark. Rows of lanterns were hung on both sides of the street. The flow of people did not become scarce because of dark. Jane Xi also found an inn and asked for six connected rooms to settle down. Just in the middle of the night, they were interrupted by the prohibition warning shrouded in six rooms. After the divine consciousness was released quickly, they saw that the two groups played very well in the air directly above their inn. The outside of the inn itself is protected by the array. The fight between these people is too fierce. The inn is only protected by the level-3 array. After only taking a few big moves, it is declared broken. The inn is fragmented by these fights. Only the six rooms under the ban array are intact. This is a level-6 array. Because of its small area, Jane spared when arranging, Just use the array pen to finish the layout quickly, but then you can see the wonderful use of this array. Chapter 582 help Youyou, thank you again for the two tickets from Huya in the suburbs of Beijing ~ ~ ~ ~ Due to the protection of the array, the people in several rooms did not notice the movement outside. Keep Jianxi, the talent who arranged the array, learned the abnormality from the array warning. The sound quickly woke up the four old and six young people in the other rooms, let them quickly come to their own room, and then paid close attention to the fight in the sky. Both sides can easily tell what they are. On one side, there are two core disciples and four inner disciples of xuantianzong. The standard robe is obvious, but on the other side, there is no doubt that the five people of the other side are evil practitioners. Moreover, one of the Qingyi evil practitioners is also wearing the robe of xuantianzong\’s younger brother, which makes Jianyi\’s first thought that this is a traitor! Jane Xi has seen the power of devil Xiu\’s disguise. I think there are few people in the world like her. You can see the true face of devil Xiu only with the naked eye. Come on. Because Jane Xi has found that several of the disciples from the lower and intermediate continents are demon practitioners, but she doesn\’t intend to stand up and be the one to eliminate demons. Although she can beat them if she catches up with one of them, she doesn\’t mind beating black sticks and killing them scum, but she never used to report on them, Or face to face with these people. I know that Xuantian sect has a lot of demons. If they know that they can see through their disguise, it\’s really hard to say their end! Now I see that six disciples of xuantianzong are competing with five demons in this team. I really don\’t know whether they are happy or worried. Now it seems that they seem to have an advantage, but Jian Xi knows that their killing is only revealed after they change their bodies, and the mysterious black chain. When the situation of the black and angry demons became more and more critical. They finally used their big killing move, and countless low-level friars on the ground began to fly outward, the farther away they were, the better. She shouted loudly: \”it\’s demon Xiu, run. Don\’t be locked by the black chain. Go and run –\” after a while, Jane Xi found that there were no people in her inn. She quickly told the situation to the four old and six young people who gathered here. The old and small looked at the two groups fighting in the sky, the gorgeous techniques in the sky and the gloomy black air. For a moment, they all took a breath of cold air. Jane Xi said hastily, \”I\’ll take you into the lucky star now, so that I can have no worries.\”. They all nodded. They knew that staying here was also a drag on Jane Xi, so the next moment, the ten people had disappeared in place. Jane Xi waved through the array, and people had fled out of the inn. Seeing the only intact place in the broken Inn, a female monk in white rushed out. Looking at the magic clothes, isn\’t it the core disciple of our school? I\’m not in the mood to see who it is. Zuo canhua said in a loud voice, \”younger martial sister, please help Zuo eliminate demons and protect the sect.\”. Jane Xi wanted to avoid the battlefield, but she was stopped before she left. If you want to go, think again. You\’ve been seen by others. When you return to zongmen, will you have any bad rumors about not saving yourself? Why do you have to wear this robe when you come out? Really, I knew I shouldn\’t have put on a show of mind. Jane regretted that she was very upset.

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