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Chapter 21 beating

Ah? Yu Shanshan smiled happily. She didn\’t know what Jane Xi pulled her to do? Looked at her blankly. \”Lady! Lady, there are too many teeth -\” Jane looked at her innocently. \”Ah!\” Yu Shanshan hurriedly stretched out her hand to cover her mouth, stared round her eyes and looked at Jane Xi in shame. Jian Xi saw this and hurriedly dropped her sleeve. He ran away with a punishing smile, followed by Yu Shanshan with a red face. They chased and laughed, especially like beautiful elves. The strange star who has been watching their interaction. Looking at Jian Xi, his eyes softened a lot, his eyebrows bent and walked a few steps faster, and he kept up with them. Friars ChiYan and Hu Li had excellent eyesight. They all felt incredible when they saw their boss\’s expression from a distance. Is this still the cool boss with a cold face all day? Before that, he could send someone to inform the two women that they had arranged their accommodation, but the boss wanted to go by himself. Neither of them was a child. He noticed that he seemed to be interested in one of the two women, but who was it? Follow the boss\’s eyes. Yes, I found it. It should be the girl in white in front. The boss\’s eyes haven\’t left the woman. You look at me and I look at you. There are incredible and deserved expressions in their eyes. On the top of the moon, there is silver glow all over the ground. Jian Xi sits on the roof and has just completed tonight\’s practice here. Under the full moon, there is plenty of moonlight, which is just suitable for practicing the formula of chaos. The divine consciousness swept Yu Shanshan, who was practicing in the room below. She was surrounded by the defense array laid by Jane Xi with a small array diagram, but she was not worried about being disturbed by foreign objects. Thinking about this straightforward woman, Jane Xi\’s eyes softened a lot. She didn\’t expect to be so congenial with Yu Shanshan. She was very relaxed with her. Cross your legs and look up at the moon, which is especially like a silver plate. Jane Xi\’s thoughts don\’t know where they have flown. The moon, there is also a moon on the earth, but it\’s not as big as here. I think this satellite is closer. There are two moons on the rotating mound star, and they are alternately round and missing. Now this is the full moon, and the other is just the opposite. This phenomenon makes Jane Xi feel very interesting. Sometimes there are two and a half months hanging in the sky. But there is no legend of Chang\’e moon rabbit and no story of Wu Gang cutting GUI. There are not so many myths and stories on earth, but there are many versions of the legends of ancient monks. Feeling that her neck was a little sour, Jane Xi lay back and looked at the moon. It would be more comfortable. \”Ah!\” a scream, Jane Xi jumped up. \”When did you come?\” some frightened and angry little faces questioned the culprit. Qijiehanxing didn\’t stand up, but still sat there steadily, just behind Jianxi. \”I\’ve been here for a while. I don\’t bother you if you look at the sky carefully,\” Qi Jiexing replied without any surprise. However, the next sentence came a divine turn: \”your alertness will suffer a great loss. At least set an early warning and prohibition when you stay alone.\”. \”Has he been criticized? Obviously, he sat behind him without saying a word, but he was wrong when he turned back?\” Jane Xi said she wanted to kick him. \”It\’s not your territory. You promised that it was absolutely safe here. Besides, there was a big array outside.\” Jane Xi was unconvinced. \”My territory is safe, but it\’s different when I go out,\” Qi Jiexing said, turning around, lying back, looking at the bright moon hanging in the sky and saying: \”Now you\’re just out of the body. Your cultivation in the early stage is still too weak. I don\’t know how many friars in the advanced mainland have higher cultivation than you. Sneak attacks are even more difficult to prevent. If you are more vigilant, you won\’t be hijacked.\” although Qi Jiexing\’s voice is still so calm and pleasant to hear, his worries are inadvertently exposed. Jane Xi, who also planned to refute two sentences, listened to these words, hesitated, sat down again one foot above the head of Han Xing, and whispered, \”how did you find us?\”

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