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Smelling the smell of milk powder, Li Chengyue carefully took the bowl back to the big room, hid the milk powder and came out again.

Jian Xi looks at more and more vegetation and smiles more. It is such a transition stage from sparse to dense plants. Jian Xi estimates that it is close to 70 or 80 kilometers. Chapter 337 Yanwu mountains When Jian Xi saw the green forest, she had fully believed that this was not an oasis, but that she had really arrived at Renhua continent. The flat topped peak stored in the distance and the thick boulder on the lower tip of the peak were so characteristic. Isn\’t that the rockfall peak marked on the map? The whole body works with spiritual power. The feeling of spiritual power being suppressed in the desert has completely disappeared. It\’s really good to feel relaxed. There was no one nearby. Jian Xi knew that the Luoshi peak was on the edge of Yanwu mountain. There were many powerful monsters in the mountain. However, if she wanted to return to human society, she had to climb over the Yanwu mountain. However, the monsters had a strong sense of territory. As long as she could avoid their territory, Then all the other weak monsters are not a big problem. Although Yanwu mountain range is also dangerous, compared with other dangerous places, this mountain range is not too dangerous, because this mountain range has been taken out of a relatively safe road by monks. As long as it does not deviate, there will be no great danger. Yu Han\’s elder martial brother entered the endless desert from this road. They also lost a elder martial brother in the mountains. Later, Yu Han realized that it should be a trap deliberately set by his second elder martial brother, whom he respected very much. At that time, he didn\’t think about it at all, because the elder martial brother had a defensive spirit weapon on him and was in a battle, Yu Han also found it inadvertently, but he didn\’t think about that place with a simple mind. Later, they also encountered many dangers in the desert, but the senior brothers were treated as cannon fodder by the second senior brother until it was Yu Han\’s turn. Jian Xi released both the God of war and Xiao. The previous exercise in the endless desert has made obvious progress for the two monsters, and the dangerous gas on them is stronger and stronger. Compared with the endless desert, it is obvious that the God of war and Xiao prefer the boundless forest. As soon as they came out of the border, the two beasts roared. Showing their joy, they swished into the dense forest. The two animals have passed the years of cultivation and experience in the endless desert. In terms of cultivation, it is equivalent to the later stage of foundation construction. However, it seems very general in the forest. In the later stage of foundation construction, it is only the second-order monster. However, there is no lack of fourth-order monster in the forest. It is even said that there is another place equivalent to the fifth-order monster. That\’s a big demon that can transform! So Jane Xi told them not to run far behind. It\’s very dangerous here. According to the map, Jane Xi groped forward with the God of war and Xiao running around her. She had Yu Han\’s advice in advance. Try not to fly here. It\’s easy to attract the attention of flying monsters. Some flying monsters have poor individual strength. But I can\’t stand them. They appear in groups, so I\’d better be careful. With Yu Han\’s prior advice, Jane Xi walked carefully in the forest. She was glad to have saved Yu Han. Even though she couldn\’t leave his life, he gave her such an important and precious gift, which made Jane Xi grateful to him from the bottom of her heart. If not. She will certainly see the forest and choose to fly in the past, or without a map, break into the territory of those fourth and fifth order monsters. At that time, her ten lives are not enough to die. The farther you go. This kind of gratitude is deep. Thinking about the jade slip in the ring, Jane Xi secretly made up her mind to go to Dahuang sect after going out. Give the jade slips to his sister Yu Shanshan to fulfill his last wish. While walking and thinking, she was awakened by the bark of the God of war, and felt a trace of dangerous breath at the same time. Subconsciously, she covered her whole body with aura shield, and the whole body twisted to the front right in a strange way. At the same time, she slapped the direction of the dangerous source, behind her left. After a strange cry that made her goose bumps, Jane Xi saw that it was an animal similar to a gorilla, but the fur was green, almost the same color as the leaves, and the fur was very long. It was difficult to find out what difference it was from the surrounding environment when she hid in the woods. This ability to protect color and integrate with the environment made Jane Xi who was thinking about it not notice. Thanks to the reminder of the God of war, otherwise he might really let this guy win. The two meter high green haired gorilla was slapped open by Jane Xi and turned over two somersaults. Nothing happened. However, it also aroused its ferocity at this time. In anger, its hair color began to turn red again, which combined with its fiery red eyes and sharp toothed mouth in its roar to form a fierce monster image. Jian Xi read a lot of ancient books in the snake cave and recognized at a glance that this is a monster called chameleon ape. This monster is best at camouflage itself and sneak attacks on its opponents. When angry, its hair color will turn red and its combat effectiveness will be greatly improved. In addition, its powerful * and stronger than steel fur make it very strong in defense and combat effectiveness, Therefore, this monster is very difficult to deal with and entangle. Another uncertainty of this monster is that it doesn\’t have its own territory. It often cruises all over the forest. When it meets a powerful monster or monk, it runs away. When it meets someone who thinks it can deal with it, it will fight. Of course, sometimes it can\’t run away, or it mistakenly estimates the strength of its opponent, It will lose its little life. At this time, due to anger, the combat power has soared to the later stage of the third stage, which is equivalent to the standard of the later stage of human golden elixir. Coupled with a coat of steel like fur, the human friar in front of him is not difficult to deal with. Moreover, at the beginning, he still attacked secretly. Unexpectedly, he has great confidence in himself. But unexpectedly, the sneak attack was found and slapped. Although it was not hurt, it was also very painful, which made it angry. Its fur turned red and its eyes turned red. Its image was extremely terrible.

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