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Li Siyu looked natural and said, her family is from the capital. In the past, we had a good relationship. Her family didn\’t lack this thing.

Xinyu. You said that morning\’s event should be the Tiankeng mentioned on the Internet? I want to go and have a look. You should have a rest first. Jian Xi knew that Xinyu was not asleep, so she sent a message to Xinyu. \”Shall I go with you?\” Xin Yu said to Jian Xi. \”No, go to sleep. It\’s nothing. I\’ll come back after a look. I always feel that it\’s not so simple. You have Feng Quanhai around you. It\’s better not to let him notice,\” Jane Xi said. \”Then you pay attention to safety,\” Xinyu asked, and then there was no sound. With a reply, Jane Xi got up. She was wearing less in summer, but it was still in the wild, so everyone didn\’t change any pajamas. She just wore light clothes and slept together. It was convenient to get up. Jian Xi quietly went out of the tent like light smoke and looked around. Even the sound of insects sounded in the distance. There was silence around, because Jian Xi had sprinkled special insect prevention powder around the camp without anyone\’s awareness. This powder was hundreds of times more effective than that sold by ordinary pharmacies, so everyone can sleep at ease, Don\’t worry about mosquito bites. The rest of the poisonous beasts are not found in this mountain forest at all. There are only some small animals such as squirrels, foxes and pheasants. So people can rest assured to camp here. Jane Xi looked around. There were some flames left in the campfire in the center of the camp. The lights around had been extinguished. The uniform breathing sound was transmitted to Jane Xi\’s ears. Jane Xi took a light breath and shot away into the distance. After going out for a distance, stepping on the green moon, she quickly flew to the place where the accident happened in the morning. In only a few minutes, she came near the giant pit, found a hidden place and landed. Because from a distance, she saw the lights around the giant pit, people coming and going. Many tents have been built around, many vehicles have been parked, and some categories are still open. The area around the huge pit was also stopped by the police rope. The huge searchlight shone down. The area was as bright as day. Jane Xi couldn\’t help feeling a little depressed. It seemed that she had to be careful if she wanted to enter it again. Jane Xi was shocked by the faint smell from the huge pit. She always had a hunch that there were great secrets hidden in the huge pit, but the smell made her feel a little daunted and very dangerous. She thought about it again and again, but she still planned to explore it, so she had to use the invisibility she often used. This small magic can only be effective for ordinary people. For people with a little cultivation, they can see through her body as long as they inject a little spiritual power into their eyes. However, where is it so easy for friars to find now? Jane Xi\’s figure gradually disappeared in the shadow until it disappeared completely. Even so, she found a sparsely populated place to walk. Her feet were as silent as cats. No one found anything unusual. She let Jane Xi come to the edge of the Tiankeng. Jane Xi\’s spiritual power gathered in her eyes and looked down, but she took a deep breath. The abyss was bottomless. At this time, it was quiet, like a hidden beast, opening a huge mouth and about to devour the prey. At this time, the feeling became stronger and stronger, and the palpitation that made Jane feel uneasy and uncomfortable even made her have the idea of returning, but after moving her steps, she still stopped. After standing so hesitant for a while, she finally decided to go down and explore. This feeling made her unable to calm down. She thought: if she found the answer, will this feeling disappear? The idea moved and called out the green moon. The whole person stepped up and slowly fell into the abyss. At the beginning, it was better, but the lower it went, the more obvious the obscure breath was, and her heartbeat became more and more unstable. The invisible pressure increased with the increase of depth. When it had fallen to 50 or 60 meters, Jane Xi\’s breath pressure had made her skin a little tight, Very uncomfortable. She hardened her head and began to fall again. The breath became stronger and stronger, and the pressure became greater and greater. When she was more than 100 meters, her divine consciousness could not extend more than 10 meters. The huge pressure had made her legs tremble, and she was about to lose control of the feeling of the green moon. She was a little restless and had the idea of stopping, but the idea had just risen in her heart, Before she put it into practice, she suddenly felt that the green moon seemed to sink down uncontrollably. Jianxi\’s whole person also fell down. She was worried. Her spiritual power ran crazy. She input it into the green moon. With the support of spiritual power, the green moon also stabilized. Jianxi dared not delay any more and urged the green moon to rise with all her strength. But now it\’s much harder to rise. A lot of spiritual power has been consumed, and her rising speed is like a turtle speed, Looking at the mouth of the cave getting closer and closer above her head, Jane Xi did not dare to neglect, nor did she dare to worry about the huge consumption of spiritual power. She tried her best to control the rising of the green moon. The suction at her feet was extremely strong, and the breath that made people palpitating also made her sweat dripping at this time. She never thought about it. She just wanted to come down to see the situation of the abyss, but she was almost sucked in by it. When Jane Xi suddenly felt that she was relaxed, her spiritual power almost dried up, and the hole was only more than 30 meters away from her. When she came down, she didn\’t feel much sad at this position, but it was a hundred times and a thousand times difficult when she rose. The distance of 30 meters made her feel as relaxed as being taken away from her as a huge stone, Urging the residual spiritual power, she dared not delay a little. After only a few breath, she had rushed out of the hole and didn\’t dare to stay. She directly lightning into the dense forest and disappeared, because she had felt that the almost exhausted spiritual power was about to be unable to support it, which only needed to consume some subtle spiritual invisibility.

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