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I looked at my sister-in-law carefully and felt that I hadn\’t seen through her before.

But speaking slowly, Xiaoguo still woke up sister-in-law Li. Sister-in-law Li turned her face that had been facing the inside and looked at the people blankly. It took several seconds to get back to her taste. She hurriedly got up and sat up, but she forgot that her waist was sick. She was so frightened that Da Zhi and Xiaoguo hurried to help her. But what made their hands stiff was that sister-in-law Li sat up neatly, and quickly gathered up to the edge of the Kang and began to bow down and put on her shoes. The two sons stared at their mother, \”eh? Ambition and Xiaoguo, what are you doing? Ah!! me – how am I?\” sister-in-law Li suddenly remembered that she was a patient. How could she get up so fast? How can you feel no pain at all? She threw down her half worn shoes, twisted her waist, turned her arms, and then put on her half worn shoes again. Standing on the ground, she twisted her waist, squatted and stretched her legs like doing radio exercises. She was all right, and her body was as light as ever. It seemed that she was young again. Sister-in-law Li\’s eyes burst into tears when she twisted. After a while, tears grew more and more. Finally, she didn\’t twist. She hugged her old man and burst into tears. This problem has been going on for more than ten years. She often didn\’t dare to turn over in the middle of the night. She was only 60 years old. She had to be helped when walking. Even if she had to sit there, she had to look for a good angle carefully. She caught a cold, Sneezing is a nightmare for her, but it\’s just so good for a while. It\’s really good. It\’s not a dream, but it\’s more incredible than a dream. Lao Li\’s eyes are a little red. Only he knows what his wife has suffered in the past ten years! After crying for a long time, sister-in-law Li remembered to thank Jane Xi with her red and swollen eyes open and took Jane Xi\’s hand. \”I said, Xi\’er! Grandma Li thanked you! You saved her half life! She has been tortured by this disease for more than ten years, but she didn\’t expect to be cured by your girl in such a short time. How can you ask her to thank you?\” \”Granny Li, why don\’t we thank you? We\’re not a family. I\’m just doing a little work. Please don\’t talk to outsiders in the future. Besides, how can we thank you for taking care of my old house for 30 years? It\’s too much to thank you. So, listen to Xi\’er, we\’re all at home People, this is what Xi\’er should do, don\’t you think? Mrs. Li? \”Jian Xi\’s voice is clean and clear, but it makes people feel warm from the bottom of their heart. \”Yes, yes, we are all a family. Hehe, I also have such a good granddaughter. A group of smelly boys in my family are not as considerate as a granddaughter.\” sister-in-law Li obviously has a granddaughter and forgets her grandson. The two elders of the Jane family didn\’t interrupt much. They just looked at the scene with a smile. Their grandson will definitely do things very satisfactorily. They have this confidence. After chatting for a long time, they returned to the old house, but when they looked at their watch, it was only 9:30. The three of the family were dumbfounded and laughed. The rhythm was different from that of the family! Jane Xi told her grandparents that she had poured the spirit spring water into their water tank. That tank of water can also transform many of their physique. Although it is much worse than the second old man of Jane\’s family and Yuan\’s father and mother, their time here is too short, and they really don\’t have time to do it a little. However, this jar of water can also prevent their family from suffering from any diseases. They have been healthy for 20 or 30 years. If you have a chance in the future, you can reform them again. It was really inconvenient for the three people to brush their teeth and wash their faces without going into the water, but they were all finished in a short time. Sitting in the rest room of the second old man of the Jane family, the second old man of the Jane family looked very solemn and serious. Grandma Fang slowly talked to Jane Xi about the real purpose of coming here this time. That\’s what happened in Chapter 123 ps: Thank you for the pink ticket of fantasy paradise and your continuous support. Youyou sincerely thank your pro ~ ~ ~ ~ \”Xi\’er! Grandma has something to tell you when she takes you to the old house where Grandma and grandpa once lived.\” grandma Fang has some flickers and memories in her eyes. \”This time, Ruo Nan and Yuanyuan made secretary Wu and your aunt Fang Qiong get married with grandma. Grandma didn\’t expect to know my father\’s news when she could see Fang\’s family for so many years. Alas! My father took all the responsibility for me. My father loved me, but I didn\’t get filial piety. Fortunately, my father is now the owner of the Fang family , the two brothers can share their worries for their father, but I don\’t know if I can see them again in this life. \”Grandma Fang\’s beautiful face looks sad. \”Secretary Wu and your aunt Qiong are young. They don\’t know the past. I\’m afraid few people at home mention it, so they don\’t know a lot of things. Grandma can\’t find out how my father calmed down my things. They can only take their time. I think your aunt Qiong will talk about it with her father when she goes back that day, and it will be organic in the future I\’ll ask again. As long as my father is safe, I\’ll rest assured. \” Speaking of this, grandma Fang paused, glanced at the confused Jane Xi, smiled and then said, \”Xi\’er, I\’m in a hurry. I haven\’t talked about why I came here.\”. \”Oh, grandma, no, I\’m just curious. Why don\’t you mention your mother, my grandmother?\” Jane asked curiously.

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