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Besides, it\’s not easy to eat in these days. She can\’t say that she will take out the things bought by her second Sister Li Sinong for the old lady and give them to others.

The power of the fairy demon, also known as the power of the master…No… I don\’t want to die… No… The evil source roared, trying to break free, but it was slowly integrated by Shanghai.The power of the immortal and demon surrounded Shanghai, and saw him wave his hand. The broken sky, like time and space, was restored to its original shape. All the fallen creatures slowly condensed and returned to their original body.I\’m not dead…I am still alive……this……All the creatures reacted and felt a supreme dominating power. In front of this power, no creatures could resist and bowed down one after another.boom……On the top of the sky, a fairy palace appeared, and it was the dominating hall.Shanghai looked at the Domination Hall in the distance, stepped out of it, and fell into the Domination Hall. Under the endless rules of the world, the Domination Hall became hazy, and the dominance forces continued to breed out.The dead beings, under the power of the dominion, have recovered……Time passed, the three realms returned, and the immortal realms and hell returned to the world. In only ten thousand years, the three realms returned to their heyday, and the legendary ruler realm, located above the three realms, has become the place that all creatures yearn for. The ruler of eternal life, as long as you step into it, you can become a member of eternal life.Dominate the world…All kinds of wonders are surrounded, and a huge dominating hall is located above the dominating world.At this time, four small figures swept down from the dominating hall. The leader was a seven or eight-year-old boy, followed by two five- or six-year-old boys, and a three-year-old girl who looked like an elf. These four children are very pleasant, their eyes are even more agile, and they are filled with the power of immortals and demons.Brother Huangyu, wait for us. Two little boys and a little girl shouted.You little kids, what are you doing with me. The big boy named Huangyu said displeased.Brother Huangyu, I know that you are going to the Three Realms again. If you don\’t take us there, then I will tell Mom Yuyan.I told Ningxue\’s mother to listen.

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