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There are a wide range of goods placed neatly, and there are brands, daily chemicals, electrical appliances and so on in each area.

Hearing that, Shanghai feels the same way. Although he has cultivated to the peak of the Eighth World Zun, he is only two realms away from the Ninth World Zun and the Divine Emperor. He is aware of higher levels.Later, Shanghai met Dragon Mother again.Created the characters of three monster emperors. Only three monster emperors are comparable to the three emperors and supreme. It can be seen that the level of the dragon mother is higher. Later, Shanghai learned that he was before the ninth. , But the immortal, the supreme immortal.However, the self before the ninth generation, for a woman, fell into reincarnation for the entire ninth generation. Isn\’t the immortal omnipotent? This gave Shanghai an inexplicable confusion. He couldn\’t understand the reasons for his previous life. What he can do now is to protect everything he has now, including his relatives and friends.As for cultivation, Shanghai will continue to improve and reach a higher realm. Whether it is the supreme, the immortal, or a higher level, he will continue to pursue it and will never give up.Are you sure this is the hell world? Shanghai asked in a deep voice.I\’m not sure, but this place is very similar to the hell world in the legend. There are soul flames all over this place. Once touched, the soul will be completely burned. The ancient soul master said in a deep voice.This is the Emperor Huntian Palace. This triangular tower is not left by Emperor Huntian?Even if it isn\’t, there must be a great relationship. Go ahead and look ahead. Ancient Spirit Master suggested.Um!Shanghai nodded and took the lead, followed by the two old men in black robes.The triangular tower is quite peculiar. It seems to have an endless space inside. There are various soul flames everywhere. Some soul flames are very weak and can only burn the souls of ordinary people. Some soul flames are extremely terrifying and can even The soul of the ancient soul master burned.After walking for a while, a huge pillar stood in front of Shanghai’s eyes. This huge pillar was made from the condensed soul flame. When I saw it from a distance, it didn’t matter much, but when I got closer, it wasn’t just Shanghai. Even the ancient soul master was stunned.There is a man inside this huge pillar.This man is two feet tall, surrounded by soul flames, his skin is blood red, his pupils are extremely deep, like an endless abyss, he holds a soul flame battle axe in both hands, and his body is full of palpitation, even more weird. What\’s more, the blood in this man\’s body was also transformed from the soul flame. Even if it was Shanghai and the ancient soul master, seeing this man, there was an inexplicable feeling of palpitations.Hell clan…the hell clan actually exists… The ancient soul master\’s gaze was hot, \”In this world, there really is a hell clan…\”Hells? Shanghai was puzzled.It is a strong man living in the hell world, a terrifying strong man who is proficient in the method of the soul. The ancient soul master said: \”In the legend of our ancient soul master, the hell race has a more terrifying soul method, but from No one has seen the hells, so it has always been regarded as a rumor.\”The rumors may sometimes be true. Shanghai said.Looking at the man in front of him, he couldn\’t help but feel an inexplicable sense of depression, because this man felt too dangerous for him. I don\’t know if this man is still alive. If he is really alive, once he appears in the world, he might cause a terrible disaster, because this man is more dangerous than the ancient spirit master.

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