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Zhang Rong landed intact and looked at Jian Xi, who was still confronting the old man in black. Facing such an expert, Jian Xi saved him first and looked at Jian Xi deeply. Zhang Rong turned and disappeared into some busy groups. Neither the old man in black nor Qijie tree looked at Zhang Rong and nobody paid attention to him.

Shanghai responded. Obviously, the purple fox didn\’t know it, but it was enough to explain why the demons were so afraid of the ancient demons.How come there are so many demon slaves here? Isn\’t it said in the ancient ancient classics that the demon has already disappeared in the world? Could there be any demon who survived? Zihu asked in astonishment.The monster has recovered. Shanghai replied.The monster has recovered? The purple fox was startled.I have encountered a monster before, and his strength is equal to mine. I have already killed him. I heard that there are still three great monsters. It is not clear how many monsters there are. Shanghai said.The demon is resurrected… the world is going to be chaotic. The purple fox murmured. After reading ancient books, she knew very well what kind of environment was in the early days of the ancient times. Demons were dominated and all things were slaves. Just thinking about the scenes was enough to make people out……Thirty-two demon slaves came over, exactly where the Shanghai two were originally located. After they stopped and looked around, they seemed to be looking for the Shanghai two.These thirty-two monster slaves are not a big threat to the Shanghai two. The key is the monster behind the monster slaves. Once these monster slaves are killed, they will inevitably attract monsters. If they are ordinary monsters, Shanghai can deal with it. If it\’s a big monster, it\’s troublesome.Staring at these demon slaves, Shanghai waited quietly.suddenly!The surrounding stars trembled, and a wave of terrifying power of attack emerged from a star not far away, strangling thirty-two demon slaves in a flash, and in a flash, the demon slaves burst into pieces. Two pale white demon cores appeared in the void.Three figures broke through the air and appeared in the place where the demon slave was. They were two men and one woman. Headed by a middle-aged man, this man\’s breath has reached the limit of the Seventh Blessed One, and the other man and one woman are slightly lower in strength, but they have also reached the peak of the Seventh Blessed One.The middle-aged man headed directly took away the thirty-two demon cores.The faces of these three people are quite strange, they have never been seen in Shanghai.Two fellow Taoists! In Xia Gong Zidan, behind you are Zai Xia\’s younger brother and younger siblings. The middle-aged man in the lead arched his hands at the stars where Shanghai was.Seeing that they were discovered, Shanghai was a little surprised. It seemed that the three of them were not malicious, and immediately took the purple fox and flew up.In Xia Shanghai, this is the purple fox. Shanghai arched his hands.It turned out to be Friends of Daoist Lin and Daoist Zi, disrespectful! Disrespectful! Gong Zidan smiled slightly, and the man and woman behind also nodded gently, saying hello.You\’re welcome.


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