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Then, take it out bottle by bottle for inspection and inspection.

After about a while, the ripples at the entrance continued to be twisted, and the terrifying will and emperor patterns slowly faded, as if a vortex passage was opened in the endless ocean, and the entire entrance was connected with the center of the heritage. , The force of resistance also disappeared.Feeling this terrifying will of the god emperor and the emperor pattern, Shanghai\’s eyes narrowed slightly. With his current perception and sky-opening eyes, he could see more clearly and thoroughly than the last time, although the will of the god emperor and the emperor pattern were also It is very strong, but it looks like a masterless imperial weapon.If these terrifying god emperor will and emperor pattern cover come down, in the current realm of Shanghai, it will be instantly annihilated. Obviously, the reincarnation body of the god emperor is stronger than before, and it is obviously not refined. The inheritance of Emperor Yu, the young god.Stepping into the whirlpool passage, Shanghai did not hesitate, and walked over step by step. With every step he took, he felt the ultimate pressure. Now he is at the level of the Seventh World Zun, and his physique is extremely powerful. Terrible pressure.No wonder the rest of the forces did not dare to invade, this place of inheritance itself was a terrifying imperial weapon, but anyone who dared to offend at will, could not leave alive.Chapter 1546Step by step, and with each step, Shanghai has a feeling of crossing countless emptiness. Although he is now at the level of the Seventh Blessed One, he feels more and more that the terrible divine emperor is just a reincarnation body. With such terrifying ability, what level should the true god emperor achieve?Of course, Shanghai doesn\’t look up to the god emperor, because that\’s just an extreme reached by the cultivator, and one day he will touch it.At the moment when the 99th step stepped out, the entire passage completely disappeared, and what appeared in front of Shanghai was an ancient and majestic hall. The entire hall was covered with many water patterns, like an endless sea. The water patterns are intertwined, revealing a faint image of the ancient sky.In the hall!A man with aqua-blue hair was sitting in the first seat. His eyes were like endless oceans, blue and deep. At the moment when they looked at each other, Shanghai felt a strange sense of surrender in his heart. As I stepped into the hall, it became stronger and stronger.In an instant!A tyrannical will surged in Shanghai. Under the suppression of this will, this sense of surrender disappeared. After a little discomfort, Shanghai recovered and stood in the center of the hall with the long-haired aqua-blue man. The man stared at each other.scary……With just one glance, Shanghai felt a sense of irresistibility, but this feeling quickly disappeared, because the soul in the sea of ​​consciousness was filled with seven colors, which immediately made this pressure disappear without a trace.You are interesting, this emperor can\’t see through you… The expression of the reincarnation body of the god emperor remained unchanged, as if any foreign object could not touch his emotions.Shanghai was not surprised by this. However, all god emperors have cultivated for thousands of years and have already seen everything in the world. It is difficult to be moved by emotions. Although they are the reincarnated body of god emperors, they should have a part of them. The memory of the emperor.Senior, I\’m here this time, there is an important thing…Straightforwardly, this emperor doesn\’t like to make a roundabout, if it weren\’t for your acquaintance with Brother Xuantian, how would you have the right to step into this place? The reincarnation body of the god emperor interrupted Shanghai.Hearing that, Shanghai has nothing to displease, anyway, he just came to tell the reincarnation body of the god emperor. As for what the other party intends to do, it is the other party’s business. The reason why he did not notify the other forces is because the four imperial palaces are obviously already there. There is a precaution, and there may be a way to deal with it.


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