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A dozen monks at the table are lining up to sign up.

Without saying much, the elder cracked the sky with grief and indignation, soaring into the sky, after flying to the sky, his hands were slapped continuously, and a series of special ancient patterns emerged. Every time he took a shot, he spit out a mouthful of essence. After spitting out forty-nine mouthfuls of blood continuously, forty-nine special marks were formed.Boom…The extremely ice sea trembled instantly, and forty-nine special imprints were constantly being absorbed like a huge black hole.At this time!The four people were shaken out of the void. It was the four gods including Yin and Yang. At this moment, their faces were solemn and jealous. Under the influence of forty-nine special marks, they were actually imprisoned around this sea area. , Even the void is completely imprisoned.Cracking the sky, you are crazy, you have used the forbidden method…Don\’t stop, don\’t you want your soul to dissipate?The four gods, including Yin and Yang, tightened their cheeks, and looked at the elders who were constantly urging forty-nine special marks. At this moment, the expressions of the elders were distorted, and their white hair was dancing wildly, obviously. It was crazy.Destroy the sky forbidden law! The elder of the cracking sky spit out four words, as if the ancient voice came from the most distant era.boom……The void was completely sinking, and all the sea areas that did not know how many miles were shattered.The three people in Shanghai also suffered the aftermath, but when Shanghai was about to take action, a terrifying force surrounded them, and it was issued by the elder of the sky cracking, obviously to protect them.What is the power of destroying the world is right in front of you.The sea area of ​​hundreds of millions of miles was shattered by the shock, even the earth was pierced through, the water in the sea area was wiped out, and the void had been completely broken, and none of them was intact. The three people in Shanghai, surrounded by power, were naturally fine. But I can feel the horror of this power.puff……With his head raised up, he spouted a big mouthful of blood, and the elder cracked the sky full of cracks, looking up at the top, a trace of helplessness and regret appeared in his eyes, because at the top of the void, four figures appeared, and it was the four yin and yang. The gods, it\’s just that they are extremely embarrassed at the moment, and their robes have been shattered a lot.Split the sky! You will definitely die.Die me.Yin Yang and the other four gods took action. One of them noticed the three people in Shanghai, and immediately took a palm, preparing to strangle the three people in Shanghai together.Looking at the power of attack and killing, the overwhelmingly injured Elder Sky Splitting has no power to fight back, so he can only watch it. As for the Shanghai trio, he can\’t protect him, because all his power is already there. Exhausted, no more energy…


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