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But what he could never forget was that after the dull \”plop\”, there was no pain on his body. He opened his eyes in confusion, but saw his sister spit blood at this time, pale and holding himself down on the ground. His left arm still held himself, and his right side surrounded him in the middle to protect him.

I know, you don\’t need to remind you. Liuxuan Shenzun\’s face sank, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense with Xue Shenzun, and disappeared into the hall with a move.Xue Shenzun also left immediately.Let’s go and have a look too. Elder Shangguan said, disappearing in the elder’s hall first, and the other three elders followed one after another. They went, mainly worried about the Six Profound Gods, with the temper of the Six Profound Gods. The more he wouldn\’t let him do it, he would just do it.Liuxuan Shenzun and Xue Shenzun were in front of each other, and the two traveled through the void at the same time, and the elder Shangguan and others followed.Six Profound Gods, the road to heaven has never been passed, you have to be prepared. Xue Shenzun teased intentionally or unintentionally.Shut up your mouth. Six Profound God Venerable was in a state of anxiety, and was furious when he heard the words.Close and close, but before closing, as a fellow confederate, I still have to persuade you, don’t be arrogant, alas, I can understand your mood too, and it’s hard to accept a disciple, but that’s how it is. It’s damaged, it’s okay, and we can collect it later, maybe there is a better one, right?” Xue Shenzun laughed.
Hearing that, the lungs of the Six Profound Gods were about to explode, but he couldn\’t beat this guy, so he could only keep his head down and ignore Xue Shenzun.
By the way, I don’t know if Ling Jiuxiao, my disciple, has rushed over. If I rush over, I will transmit a voice message and ask him to help a little. It’s so damaged. Of course, those little guys can only walk seven hundred miles, and I’m afraid they won’t even be able to walk two hundred miles. If they can’t, then there’s no way…\” Xue Shenzun continued Said.The Six Profound God Venerable\’s cheeks twitched again and again, and his expression was gloomy. What he worried most was Bi Yuelan, this stupid girl might be stupid with the two guys in Shanghai.Chapter 1452The Six Profound Gods shuttled out of the void and came directly to the outside of the Heavenly Palace. He didn\’t notice the silence of the Heavenly Palace at this moment. When he saw Liao Baishu and Bi Yuelan, his heart was slightly relaxed. He took a sigh of relief, but was still a little anxious, and rushed up in front of him.God…Master!Bi Yuelan and the others immediately reacted. When they saw the Six Profound God Venerable, they were startled. Before everyone could speak, the Six Profound Divine Venerable asked on the spot, \”Where are the two boys?\”Shanghai? They are taking part in the road against the sky… Liao Baishu said subconsciously.Mischief, it\’s really nonsense. The two of them don\’t know the danger of the road against the sky. You two don\’t know? Why didn\’t you stop them? Six Profound God Venerable was so angry that he cursed directly, \”You even let them run away.\” To die, don’t you know…\”They were scolding, and suddenly felt something was wrong. Although Liao Baishu and the other two were staring at them, their eyes drifted to other places. Seeing this look, the Six Profound God Venerable was almost furious, these two guys. He was distracted when he taught……The Six Profound God Venerable was about to speak, and found that the eyes of the two girls, Bi Yuelan, also turned to the other side, and the two girls\’ eyes were filled with excitement and excitement.At this time!Xue Shenzun also rushed over, seeing Liuxuan Shenzun\’s angry appearance, his face was full of joy, he couldn\’t help but glanced at the direction of the road against the sky, and subconsciously said: \”Six Profound Daoists, those are not the two brats you brought. Well, it\’s not bad. I actually walked to Qi Baili and fought against Ling Jiuxiao, my disciple. He even beaten Ling Jiuxiao so hard that he could not fight back…\”


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