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However, her appearance was seen by the seven old people and the old man on one side who just answered Jane Xi\’s question. He motioned the white eyebrow and white beard old man who was the head of the seven old people with his eyes. The old man understood and asked, \”dare you ask this little Taoist friend what\’s the problem?\”

Luo Yue slowly sat down cross-legged, her expression indifferent, her eyes closed slightly, and she seemed to be sensing something. As he meditated, the silver blossoms all around had penetrated into his body even though he did not know these silver blossoms. What\’s the use, but everyone can guess that these silver flowers may be a rare treasure.Obviously, Luo Yue took the lead and gained great benefits.Since the first can\’t compete, then the second position.Immediately!Everyone rushed to the second futon, and the original contender also joined it, but only a few people did not join the contest. These people are naturally Shanghai and Mu Ningxue, as well as Ji Ya. In addition, Two other people did not join.Shanghai did not participate in the competition. First, it was because of Mu Ningxue\’s consideration. Secondly, it was based on his own strength. If he went up to compete, he would definitely become the target of public criticism and be the first to be excluded. Of course, there are other factors that are most important, and that is what he considers. The inheritance of the ancient God Emperor Yu.The inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu may not necessarily be here, it may be there, but it does not mean that if you sit in the front, you will be able to get it. As for other benefits, it is difficult to say accurately.When many people were vying for the second place, suddenly the four powerhouses broke out and looted towards the third and fourth places respectively. These four were extremely fast, and they seized the third to the sixth in one fell swoop. The futon, as they touched their toes, special brilliance emerged from under the futon. Although it was not as good as Gonggong\’s, its momentum was also extremely amazing.At this time!The second futon was snatched by a god king.boom……A shocking roar erupted from the soles of the god king’s feet, followed by the sound of the ancient giant drum beating, endless sound waves immediately enveloped the god king, and the sound of blood boiling, the sound of soul trembling, constantly surging In the ears of the King of God.Afterwards!Everyone robbed the rest of the futon, and whenever someone stepped on the futon, the futon would emit a startling light, but the lighter the light is, the weaker it is. Directly grab the higher ones.Due to taking care of Mu Ningxue, Shanghai did not rob it. After everyone had selected the futon, only the last four futons were left. Among them, the last two futons were particularly broken, especially the last one, with only a half left.A beautiful shadow fell on the last futon. It was a woman, but the woman covered her body and couldn\’t distinguish her appearance at all. Hey, flashes of thunder suddenly appeared, and the woman was enveloped in it. A special mark appeared under the futon.With the emergence of these thunder lights, Shanghai suddenly felt strangely that the Thunder God Spear in his body trembled.His brows frowned slightly, and he wanted to feel that the Thunder Spear actually calmed down, which made Shanghai feel extremely weird. After the Thunder Spear was possessed by him, there has never been any sign of being aroused. After all, it is an imperial weapon, although It is an imperfectly shaped imperial implement.Seeing that the Thunder Spear stopped moving, Shanghai thought for a moment, reluctantly shook his head, temporarily put down his thoughts, and walked towards the penultimate damaged futon. After stepping on his toes, a sharp light wrapped him up, and this At the same time, Mu Ningxue also stood on the third futon from the bottom, surrounded by nine different colors of brilliance.As for the fourth from the bottom, it was chosen by Ji Ya. The moment she stood up, a burst of rhythm emerged, and then six bamboos appeared, each with a small round hole above it, and The rhythm comes from the small hole.


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