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Yan Tao looks at Xiang hualing\’er more coldly. He has regarded Jian Xi as a friend. Along the way, Jian Xi has never refused their request for alchemy, turning the spirit grass in their hands into pills, and most of them are based on two or three circles. Now there are still many in the ring, This includes the necessary and precious pill for the Jin level, such as the Ning Ying pill, which is also a three circle top-quality pill, which is not available in the family. Even the Ning Ying pill with one circle of pill halo is not much, let alone the Ning Ying pill with three circles of pill halo.

Lanyi, nirvana, do me a favor. The sound of Shanghai was like a thunder, shaking the enchantment slightly. The people who were about to plunder suddenly stopped. When they watched the moment when Shanghai was plundering with the two women, they couldn’t help. A startled, I immediately understood something.咻咻…Shanghai\’s palms slapped the two girls on their backs and pushed them out with a soft force. With a strong force, they shook them towards the two girls, Lan Yi, and they hurriedly caught the two girls, and then quickly sent them out.After doing all this, Shanghai did not leave, but turned back and fell back, rushing towards the desperate young strong.Brother Lin…The young strong man who was almost desperate, saw Shanghai appear beside him, his eyes suddenly ignited hope, and his expression was full of excitement, because he knew very well that he had no strength to follow up, and once the hall fell to the ground , Is the moment he died.go!Pulling it up, slapped a palm on the back, and let the two of Lan Yi catch it, Shanghai swept over at full speed and threw the young and powerful men who were almost desperate.Thank you Brother Lin…Brother Lin, I owe you my life.Thanks for the great kindness, and I will report it in the future. The young and powerful rescued were all very excited. Everyone\’s face was filled with the rest of their lives, but they were most grateful to Shanghai. At this critical moment, Even willing to return to rescue them.At such a crisis, it’s good for everyone to take care of themselves. There are no other people who can take care of others. The original strange ideas about Shanghai disappeared in an instant. Instead, it was endless gratitude. This is not a general kindness. , But a life-saving grace.suddenly!Ji Ji\’s eyes narrowed slightly, \”The hall is about to fall. We must drive out as soon as possible, otherwise we may fall here.\”Shanghai is still below. Lan Yi worried.Well, let him come out as soon as possible, at most two breaths, this hall will completely crash. Ji Mian said in a deep voice.Two breaths…Lan Yi nodded slightly and quickly transmitted the sound, \”Shanghai, two breaths at most, the hall is about to crash, come out.\”But!The Shanghai below did not hear it, and instead swept towards the last two young strong men who were still alive. Seeing this, the expressions of both Lanyi and Yi changed slightly, because the time had passed for a breath, and the knot under the hall The world had already begun to burst, and the two of them were shaking, suddenly becoming unstable.


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