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The transmission array was destroyed when they left. It is a collection of all the best arrays on earth. It took a lot of years to build it. How can it be realized by herself? What\’s more, she is still wandering on this strange planet, and her relatives and friends don\’t know where it is. For so long, she has been interested in this planet, And the people here have no sense of belonging. It\’s not much better until they find Xiao Siyu.

With the continuous shots, one after another of the bronze giant beasts was bombarded and killed by Shanghai, and he gradually plunged into the incisiveness of wielding his physical power, the feeling of inexhaustible and inexhaustible feeling, really It\’s so fun.Kill kill kill…Just like the ancient demons of the Primordial Era, fighting with millions or even tens of thousands of powerful creatures, endless physical majesty surges out, and Shanghai can even feel its own physical strength, which has far surpassed the level of the third world.Shanghai finally understands.The horror of the ancient demon lies in itself, possessing an extremely tough body, coupled with regeneration, and infinite physical strength.No wonder the ancient demons can run rampant in Taikoo.Because in the Primordial Era, no matter what kind of creatures are, they all possessed incomparably powerful physique, even the weakest, especially the ancient gods and demons. The physique was the first of many creatures, and the ancient demons’ physique was in the ancient gods. Above the devil.Therefore, under the advantage of physique, the ancient demon possessing endless physique might naturally few people could match it in the Primordial Era.Nowadays, the blood of the ancient demon in Shanghai is only 130,000 drops. To become a real ancient demon, one must reach a million drops. The blood of the ancient demon penetrates the whole body, and then it is bred by the stars to become a true ancient demon. .After reaching 100,000 drops, every additional drop of the ancient demon bloodline is extremely difficult. Nowadays, the essence of the god source is only a dozen drops of the ancient demon bloodline, and the more you use it, the more the effect will be. The difference is gradually weakening.However, even so, Shanghai still realizes the tyrannical power of the Ancient Demon Eucharist. Although it cannot match the gods, no one at the same level can kill it. Even the top-tier gods may not be able to deal with it. he.And at some point, the effect of the Ancient Demon Eucharist can be maximized. This is the case. Shanghai originally only wanted to use the Ancient Demon Eucharist to open the way, but it did not expect to have such a terrible effect. His bronze light is getting sharper and sharper, and its power is getting bigger and bigger.Boom boom boom…The bronze behemoth is constantly being blown away.The remaining high-level gods are already dumbfounded. They never thought that a trivial third-level descendant would have such a terrifying physical power. As the bronze giant beasts are constantly being killed by Shanghai, these high-level gods We suddenly understood that the horror of the bronze behemoth lies in their physique.And the stronger Shanghai has become the nemesis of the bronze behemoths, and it is still the kind that Dick died completely.Shanghai opened the way while killing the bronze behemoth.In this passage, in addition to the bronze giant beasts, occasionally one or two Taikoo Yinlings were encountered. Those Taikoo Yinlings were sucked away by the spirit banners, and with the presence of the Nantian Old Monster and others, Shanghai did not release leeches. , And now just have the opportunity to release the leechworms secretly, allowing them to devour the Primordial Yin Ling.Taikoo Yinling is a rare and extremely delicious food for leechworms. They rushed up frantically and swallowed a Taikoo Yinling in a flash, and the size of the leechworms continued to grow as they swallowed. Then, the golden lines on her body gradually became thicker.Qing Ren quickly recovered, looking at Shanghai with a complicated expression, and then sighed slightly. Among the people present, he had the most contact with Shanghai. He remembered the first time he saw Shanghai, although he was visiting Shanghai. So, but at that time he didn\’t even reach the level of the king.


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