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Now Jane Xi has only four pills in her hand, not three circles of pills. All the first to third pills are the best pills for three circles of pills, so she wants her to take out other worse ones. She really doesn\’t have them.

In a short period of time, he stepped into two realms in succession and reached the level of the Third World Zun. The power of the gods was actually stabilized. This shocked the heart of Shanghai. It may be due to the sacrament of ancient demons. Otherwise, these powers would not be like this. Stabilized.With such a rapid improvement, there is no problem with his own foundation. This is what really surprised Shanghai.Is it the eucharist of the ancient demon, or is it because of the extreme state of reincarnation?No matter what the reason, this is a good thing for Shanghai, not a bad thing, at least my foundation is extremely solid.The Third World Lord… almost, I can barely enter… The old monster Nantian stared at Shanghai suddenly, his pupils glowing with a blue color, strange and weird, in an instant, the Shanghai staring at him seemed to have fallen into it. Like in the endless abyss.You don\’t need to resist, it\’s useless if you resist, obey me obediently. This is the ancient method of controlling the gods. People with high realms can control those with low realms at will. Don\’t worry, the god will use your body well… … The bluish luster of the Nantian Boss\’s binoculars is getting stronger and stronger, occupying almost all of Shanghai\’s the same time!The spirit consciousness that surged wildly into the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness in Shanghai with a terrifying mind, arbitrarily invading everything in the sea of ​​consciousness.Resistance is useless. Give up resistance. This god will be able to keep your soul alive for a while. If you get a good harvest this time, you can survive… The Nantian boss threatened and lured.Facing the vast spiritual consciousness, Shanghai hesitated for a moment, and quickly turned into a divine mind, and his own soul was emptied. The depths of the sea of ​​consciousness were completely sealed with divine mind. After all this, 90% of consciousness The sea has been occupied by the Nantian Boss.Shanghai only covered his last soul with divine thoughts. Now all he can do is to wait. He also wants to see what the old Nantian monster takes over his body and wants to do.Chapter 1213At this time, the old monster Nantian gradually turned into an endless black glow, and in a flash, it penetrated into Shanghai\’s body, as if it had been completely integrated.Hiding in yourself…Shanghai was startled, he could feel that Boss Nantian existed in his body in a special form…At the same time, he immediately understood why the Nantian Boss had to allow himself to quickly break through to the level of the Third World Zun. Only at this level can the Nantian Boss integrate all his own power into his body with a special kind of Way to coexist with yourself.To put it bluntly, it is to treat Shanghai\’s body as an instrument, and the Nantian boss hides inside to control it.I tried my best to obtain the good fortune fairy liquid, what exactly is this good fortune fairy liquid? Shanghai frowned and thought.At this time!His body moved, and it was obvious that Old Monster Nantian was in control.


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