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However, today\’s Jane Xi really made her feel a threat. Although she didn\’t see any fluctuations on the surface of shangguanpo, shangguanpo said \”follow her\”, and she already expressed her differences with Jane Xi.

All the cultivators were shocked.Even Ning Yu and Ning Xuan were stunned on the spot.Ning Xuan, you are a rare Sky Profound sword body, which is extremely suitable for cultivating the highest cultivation method of my sect. Originally you could enter the core level, but because of the rules of the sect, you are temporarily designated as the disciple of the inner sect. If there is any contribution from the clan in the future, he can be promoted as a core disciple.Although you are a disciple of the inner sect, you can enjoy the treatment of a disciple at the core level. You can open the mountain gate and you can get the same core disciple\’s cultivation items every year. The highest cultivation method.If you are willing, I will ask the Sect Master to open the sword pond and let you practice once. A group of gods spoke again and again.boom……Ning Yu and Ning Xuan, as well as the cultivators present, were immediately shocked by the words.The inner sect disciple… still enjoy the treatment of the core disciple, and what makes all cultivators feel suffocated is that they can still practice the ancient Xuanzong supreme cultivation method. This is more than a step to the sky, almost instantly transforms the dragon, in an instant, all cultivation The viewer\’s eyes were all focused on Ning Xuan, his eyes were full of scorching heat, and he even wished to melt him off and replace him.Three brothers…After Ning Yu reacted, she tightened Ning Xuan\’s sleeves excitedly, raised her head even higher, and her face was full of pride. Ning Xuan has become a core disciple. As a younger sister, no matter how bad she is, she can become an insider. Disciple Zong, when he thought of this, he became even more excited.hiss……Ning Xuan took a deep breath, calmed down a bit, and then trembled: \”I do!\”good!Haha! Ning Xuan, let me wait to go to Wanjian Ancient Peak.Seniors, then my little sister… Ning Xuan was a little worried about Ning Yu.This baby girl is also very qualified. Let\’s accept it as a disciple of the outer sect for the time being. If she can make progress, it will not be difficult to enter the inner sect in the future. The old woman said before.Thank you senior, thank you senior…Ning Yu was overjoyed. Although he is now a disciple of the outer sect, but with the third brother, it is not difficult to become a disciple of the inner sect. As soon as he thinks of becoming a disciple of the inner sect, Ning Yu’s pretty face is full of pride, and he looks forward to it. The cultivators below have a little disdain and contempt in their eyes.Wait, we seem to have forgotten something. A god said.Brother, you mean…


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