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He stretched his jade arm and stretched his waist for a long time. He was very comfortable. He took a deep breath and felt his body. The full spiritual power flowed through his body. The feeling of strength and vitality all over makes people nostalgic.

Mu Xing and the others were in the main hall. Some talked through voice transmission and some bluntly. They were all guessing where Young Master Tun Xi had gone, because Young Master Tun Xi had come and disappeared suddenly before. What is confusing is that there is another person who disappeared along with it.And this person was just outside the main hall in Shanghai, who had just disappeared with Young Master Tun Xi, completely missing.While the powerhouses were suspicious, Ming Yuyan\’s pretty face in the main hall was full of worry and anxiety, and she couldn\’t find out where the young masters of Shanghai and Tun Xi had gone.suddenly!A strange distortion appeared in the hall.Immediately afterwards, Young Master Tun Xi, who was so handsome that women were jealous, slowly emerged. In addition to him, another figure appeared, and it was the Shanghai that disappeared with him.Seeing Shanghai, Ming Yuyan\’s heart lifted high finally sank.As for the rest of the strong, the gaze looking at Shanghai at this moment is quite strange.They were all wondering where did Shanghai and Young Master Tunxi go, why only Shanghai disappeared? Is it because there is something special about this person, or because he has a close relationship with Young Master Tun Xi? Various speculations vary.Everyone, do you still have the whereabouts of the ancient gods? Young Master Tun Xi said slowly.The strong on the scene shook their heads. If they really knew it, they would definitely say that there might still be a chance to get a fifth-rank high-ranking treasure.Seeing everyone shaking their heads without saying a word, Young Master Tun Xi said nothing.suddenly!A strange color appeared on Young Master Tun Xi’s handsome face, his original white face became a little pale, and his slender body showed some strange distortions. Although he soon recovered, he was still a lot stronger. The person noticed it.senior?Shanghai frowned and looked at Young Master Tun Xi. He keenly felt that the aura on Young Master Tun Xi became unstable.Get out! Give me all out!Young Master Tun Xi\’s handsome face suddenly became distorted, his eyes filled with anger, almost roaring at all the strong men in the hall.The attitude change came so quickly, and the strong players present did not react for a while.Get out! Get out. Young Master Tun Xi yelled again and again, and the distortion of his body became even greater.


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