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The city ahead is called chejian City, which belongs to the fengshu kingdom. The immortals generally don\’t care much about these secular countries. Therefore, they generally only remember the name of the city, but rarely seriously remember which country they belong to.

Then I just missed the solicitation opportunity when I waited?Unable to solicit, this person can only make friends.When Tai Xun said this, he paused, \”Go and collect some rare restoration treasures. After a while, I will pay a visit later. By the way, I will find out where the killers are located in Tiancha Yingdi, and I will give it to Brother Lin. Give it a gift.\”Tiancha Yingdi… Third Prince, this will offend Tiancha Yingdi…Tianshayingdi is different now. Our Taijie may not be afraid of them. Shanghai\’s ability to kill the killer of Tianshayingdi over and over again shows his ability. If he doesn\’t fall, his future achievements will be limitless. Although this is very risky, what is the reason why our Taijie has survived to this day? It’s not about making friends with strong people who can grow up and lay enough foundations and connections in God’s Domain. Otherwise, our Taijie would have been long ago. The great clans of God\’s Domain have been annexed.Tai Xunyao looked at the void, \”Shanghai has great potential. He has enough qualifications to make me pay the price. I am very optimistic about him.\”In fact, he still has something to say, only he knows those things, because he knows a kind of thaumaturgy, can see through the mood of reincarnation in a person, this method is only clear to him, and others don\’t.The reincarnation conception of the three worlds is great…Even now, Tai Xun’s heart is still shocked. He really can’t imagine how Shanghai practiced. He actually cultivated the Three-World Zun’s reincarnation mood to the degree of Dzogchen, and stepped into the Fourth World-Zun’s reincarnation mood. If he grows up, he will How terrible will it be? He could not predict.Chapter 1035Time passed quickly, and two months had passed since the blink of an eye.Shanghai is still refining the barren pattern as it did in the past, perhaps because of its own celestial consciousness. With continuous proficiency, the refining power of the supernatural barren pattern continues to increase, although it cannot be compared with the refining speed of the strong body barren pattern. , But it’s not much worse.The refining materials also decrease as the number of strong people buying strong body patterns decreases.It\’s not that those strong people don\’t want to buy, but because the refining materials have begun to appear vacancies, without materials, they can\’t buy them if they want.Therefore, Shanghai has reduced the refining of strong body barren patterns.The cultivation of barren patterns is extremely boring, especially when refining basic barren patterns. For any barren pattern master, this is an unbearable memory, because there is no shortcut to go. The refining basis of barren pattern.There are thousands of basic barren patterns, and it took nearly half a year for Shanghai to master two of them. Of course, it’s not that he doesn’t want to refine the others, but because of the materials and the limitations of mind. As for he hasn\’t planned to refine the other more difficult basic barren patterns.Come slowly, it took tens of thousands of years for the quasi god emperor to become a great sage… Shanghai Xin said.It’s almost half a year before he can leave the blood table of the gods. He is considering whether to find a place to continue hitting the chance. After all, the battlefield of the gods can only stay for ten years. This time is for the cultivator\’s long life. , It\’s just a blink of an eye.Brother Lin, are you here? A silver sound transmission mark fell down and turned into a handsome face, which looked like too Xun.


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