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Decadent withdrew the chaotic fire, and the Dan stove also clanged and fell to the ground. Jane Xi\’s fingers were light, and the stove cover flew to one side from the inclined Dan stove. Jane Xi couldn\’t help laughing bitterly when she saw the three burnt pills inside. It fell short of success!

I won\’t come out again, I\’m afraid this mess will be hard to clean up.Shenhai snorted and glanced at the strong below, \”You let them find someone? What\’s the use of finding someone? That bastard Shanghai is not only not weak, but also quite cunning. These guys are just looking for death when they go. Nothing, don’t always think about finding someone, you have to start with that person’s weakness.\”Then according to the words of the fifth brother, how should I start from the weakness of the Shanghai boy? Shenyu quickly asked. Having been with Shenhai for many years, this fifth brother is not only strong, but also resourceful.This person can live up to now, his character is certainly not bad. Last time he could have caused you a heavy loss. It can be seen that this person is also quite capable, and it is not easy to find weaknesses from him… However, we can start from the people around him. …… Shenhai\’s eyes flickered.People around? This is a good way.Shenyu\’s eyes lit up, and immediately frowned, \”But, this kid’s relativesNot on the battlefield of the gods, but in the abandoned world, the ancestors have sent ten powerful people in the small world to clean up, I am afraid that those people are already dead. \”His relatives are not in the battlefield of the gods, but he still has friends. Shenhai raised an eyebrow, and said slowly: \”I have known before. After entering the battlefield of the gods, Shanghai went to the gods of the gods. Lincheng once fought Shenlong and joined a small team of the Independent Alliance. At that time, he was alone in order to rescue the team and eliminated the powerhouse of the Gods Domain Alliance over there. Shenlong died that time. In the hands of this kid, and, I heard, he brought a woman to the battlefield of the gods.\”Chapter 0994 I found himFifth brother, is this person in Shanghai really going to take risks for this so-called small independent league team? Shenyu said in disbelief.Others may not, but this person will definitely. Those guys in the small world are most particular about the so-called loyalty, and the woman who can be brought into a million small worlds by him must be his most beloved one, and he will definitely It doesn\’t matter if you don\’t come to the rescue, just behead all these people. Shenhai said slowly.I immediately sent someone to find their whereabouts.No need! I have been found by people. They are now located in Shenlin City in Wanxian Domain. Shenhai said.Here? Shenyu immediately beamed with joy, his eyes cast aside, \”Assemble people, set off immediately, remember to prepare some barrier stones.\”Yes!After a while!More than five hundred elite powerhouses, led by Shenhai and Shenyu, came to an ordinary residence in Shenlincheng.Huh!The door was rushed open, but there was no one in the room. A group of elite experts searched for a while and still found no one.Fifth brother, no one… Shenyu said a little displeased.


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