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A clear and arrogant voice came from her ears, which made her wake up immediately. When she saw that it was Shanghai that was pressing on her, her expression suddenly became extremely complicated, with some embarrassment and incomprehensibility in it. The meaning.

At this moment, even Ming Yuyan was shocked.Because of these things, she didn’t know before she came. Even the ancient gods hadn’t told them about it. She just knew that there was a god in the city. If she hadn’t found this guide in Shanghai, she would have met the other world cultivator in the city lord’s mansion. In the words of the cultivator, she really didn\’t know that Shenlincheng even allowed the rest of the cultivators to hold various positions.actually!She didn’t know that what the Xuanzu guide said was only part of it, because she did not hand over to the source of God, so she said part of it. If Shanghai asks, she will definitely speak more comprehensively, but he doesn’t need to ask about it, because he has already said it. understood.Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help but glanced at Shanghai. She faintly felt that Shanghai knew a lot of things she didn\’t know. Not only her, but even the entire ancient gods, no one knew everything in the battlefield of gods better than Shanghai.Like looking for a Xuanzu guide, who would look for it? It also costs the price of a low-grade god source, which countless cultivators are unwilling to do, and they are not willing to do it.actually!Shanghai is also aware of these things because of the information left by the old immortal. Otherwise, he can only run around, instead of doing everything in a planned and organized manner.The reason why the ancient Protoss couldn’t know it was because the young powerhouses who came to the battlefield of the gods were too weak, not even the first world exalted, and there were even many who were not at the level of the earthshad. After they entered the battlefield of the gods, either Find a place to experience, or try your luck to find treasures.Because they didn\’t understand the battlefield of the gods, they all fell on the way in all likelihood.Even if you are lucky enough to come to Shenlin City, you won’t stay for too long. Even if you leave, you will be watched by people. You must know that there are so many powerful people in Shenlin City who are stepping on others. Naturally, those who climbed up from the bones would not be good people.As a result, although the Central Wilderness Four Races Alliance knows some general areas of the Gods Battlefield, it does not understand what is special about this place. It is nothing more than knowing that there are many gods here, and there are many general concepts such as fortunes and dangers.Ming Yuyan realized that if she hadn\’t followed Shanghai, she would probably not have access to some of the secrets in Shenlin City, and she also had a question in her heart that was always difficult to ask. After hesitating for a long time, she decided to ask Shanghai.It\’s okay to find a guide for the rest? Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help asking.Yes, but qualifications are required, Shanghai said.qualifications?Well, aptitude. If you have a poor aptitude, it will cost a lot to find a guide, like a second-holy aptitude, at least one high-grade god source, with good aptitude, if you reach the god-level, you don’t need a god source. But how many people know that there is a guide? Shanghai said.There are also people who know about the guide, but they are basically in the domain of God. Naturally, those people will not tell the strong people of the millions of small worlds about the existence of the guide. Reveal to others.If everyone knows, isn\’t it the capital is gone?Therefore, the powerhouses of God\’s Domain will not disclose the things they know and can use, such as the positions of guards.


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