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Seeing the killing blow, Ming Yuyan and Shanghai\’s expressions changed, and they couldn\’t resist.

There are chaos in the city of God. The people of the spirits and gods do not know where they are going, and it is difficult to find in Shanghai for a while. There are so many powerful strangers. If they continue to stay, their lives will definitely be in danger. You must leave the city first. Besides…Thinking of this, Shanghai took advantage of the chaos to scan the enchantment of the god city above. The top was riddled with holes and had not collapsed. There was no way to leave below, only from the top.The whole city of God is in chaos. If you walk from the top, you should have a chance… With Tianju and keen perception, Shanghai escaped the detection of two groups of strange powers, and quickly probed those gaps. He was disappointed that these rifts had strange powers nearby.At this time!Shanghai has found a gap where there are no strangers.good chance……Shanghai\’s eyes flashed, and he quickly approached the breach, while slowing down his speed, converging his breath to the extreme.suddenly!Three figures rise in the air from three directions, rushing to the rift at a speed close to fifty times the speed. Looking at the clothes of these three people, they wear the robes of the elders of the branch of the Protoss. They are obviously three different Protoss. One of the elders of the branch was still seriously injured.Someone got on the board first…When Shanghai was considering whether to rush together, he suddenly noticed a strange wave near the crack, his pupils couldn\’t help but shrink, and someone was lying in wait…call out……Three incomparable silver stars shoot out, the speed reached ninety times the speed, the three protoss branch elders are fleeing with all their strength, they did not notice the silver stars behind them, the moment they were about to rush out of the rift, At the same time, the body trembled.They realized that their bodies had been pierced by the silver starburst, and they didn\’t even have time to scream, and their breath quickly disappeared.A young strange power came out of the fluctuations, walked over with a sneer, and grabbed the elders of the three branches of the Protoss. Each of the wounds of the three condensed a drop of golden blood containing terrifying power, impressively It is the blood of the descendants of the gods of the three.Immediately afterwards, the strange strong man squeezed his hand, and three drops of the blood of the descendants of the gods melted into his body. As the tremendous power poured in, a silver thorn nucleus the size of a thumb appeared on the chest of the strange strong man. , Turning slowly, constantly absorbing the power of God.With the influx of divine power, the silver thorn core more than doubled, and the strange power aura of the strange powerhouse also greatly increased. Obviously, after absorbing the blood of the three branch elders of the protoss, his strength skyrocketed. A lot.Absorbed all the divine power… Shanghai took a breath, and he suddenly realized why these powerful men from unknown worlds were so crazy and fighting. Obviously, the blood of the ancient gods was fast for them. A great tonic to enhance strength.At this time!The bizarre strong man turned his head, a strange starlight flashed between his brows, and then the corner of his mouth swept with a radian.


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