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The evil spirit spear was so fast that it even wiped out flames and lightning from the void.If you don\’t withdraw your hand, you will definitely be stabbed.The one-eyed monster knife squinted his eyes, he didn\’t have any thoughts of avoiding, and he cut it down with a palm. At the same time, the evil spirit spear pierced his abdomen.What an idiot, do you think the god armor on my body is a decoration? Its defense is enough to withstand a full blow from my peers. The Cyclops sneered, half-ridiculously, his face suddenly stiffened, because a tingling sensation came from his abdomen .how so……The one-eyed monster knife froze, staring at his abdomen in astonishment, and saw that the evil spirit spear had penetrated his body, and above the spirit spear contained two extremely unique powers, full of terrifying explosions. The power of Hezhen seems to be two different original forces.Magic…How could it be possible that this kid didn\’t use the nine magical abilities of the door of transformation, how could he use even stronger magical abilities…The one-eyed monster knife was full of incomprehensibility and confusion, but at this time, another stronger force was poured into the evil spirit spear. Although it is one, it contains 12,000 different sources of power, although Every strand is very weak, like a big shot, but 12,000 strands of power from different sources are condensed together, but it is terrifying to the extreme.The supernatural power was quickly suppressed, but this force was too strong, and it still broke out in the body, no matter how suppressed it was, the Cyclops could not suppress it.boom……The abdomen exploded, and the one-eyed monster knife was rushed out by this force, and the knife he slashed was inexplicably cut into the air. This surprised him even more. Looking at the cracked figure, his pupils were slightly faint. He shrank, his eyes full of consternation.His speed… is not inferior to me… The one-eyed monster sword\’s expression changed drastically. Unfortunately, at this moment, he could not do much. The pain made him almost fainted, and the big wound in his abdomen hurt his sea of ​​anger. Said that he has almost lost combat effectiveness.Shanghai appeared in the sky, his body trembled slightly, and a puff of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth, and he quickly swallowed a top-level healing pill, suppressing the injury in the body and the supernatural power that penetrated into the body.Although using the one-eyed monster knife and others to underestimate the enemy, Shanghai has repeatedly played stronger power, but at the same time he was injured by the one-eyed monster knife.As I said before, Shanghai didn’t have much confidence in the battle against the three. He could only bet on the One-Eyed Demon Sword and others with pride and arrogance. He didn’t put himself in the bottom of his eyes. Obviously he was right. , And not doing everything possible.The strength of the Holy Lord is too terrible. If I just evade and slow down, I will definitely be abolished, and the supernatural power in my body can only be suppressed first and slowly dissipated… Shanghai\’s gaze flicked. A spear stabbed the one-eyed monster knife that had lost its combat effectiveness.Although this person was seriously injured, he did not die. Once he catches his breath, it is definitely a catastrophe, and Shanghai will naturally not let him recover.Bang…Two loud noises rang out from the sky, and the twin towers were already greeted. They were like huge wild beasts running wildly. When they step down, the ground will sink to a layer, blocking the front directly, and the whole body is covered with bronze. The weird light, like a defensive cover.


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